Why Bears Fans Should Calm Down About the Week 2 Loss to the Green Bay Packers

The Chicago Bears had a disappointing loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. As painful as that is, I don’t think that we should automatically call the entire off after a big loss. The Chicago Bears will be just fine, and today we’re going to discuss why.

Name Factor
Between these two teams, the number of big name players that are here in Chicago is nothing compared to that in Green Bay. The amount of quality players on the Packers roster is astronomically higher than the Bears. This Bears team is rebuilding and clearly still in need of work. We have to remember that this is the same Aaron Rodgers that is a back-to-back MVP winning QB. Truly, if we regard the numbers, we were supposed to lose this game.

New, New, and More New
The 2022 Chicago Bears have a lot of new. This goes without saying. There is a new Head Coach, new GM, new Offensive Coordinator/Playcaller, etc., meaning that this isn’t going to be an easy transition. And something that isn’t helping matters is that along with this load of new, this Bears team has extremely high levels of roster turnover. In the future, this could, and I believe will, lead to a lot of success and winning. Bears GM Ryan Poles and Head Coach Matt Eberflus are building their team. Yes, that may not lead to a lot of success right now, but if we trust the process, it’s only a matter of time until we find a taste of winning.

4th and Short… Shotgun???
One big takeaway that I had from Sunday’s game was that Offensive Coordinator/Playcaller Luke Getsy still is getting used to play calling duties. For example, having Justin Fields, a developing, big arm QB throw the ball 11 times… maybe was not the smartest plan. But with that being said, everything has growing pains. If everyone could call Offense in the NFL, then everyone would do it. It’ll take some time, but I believe that Getsy and Fields will become one of the NFL’s most explosive Offensive Coordinator-Quarterback Duos.

In summary, I think that the Chicago Bears will be more than fine in the long run. It’s only a matter of time before this Offensive takes off like it’s Defensive counterpart has begun to do. If we give it a few weeks, this Bears team could come knocking at those obnoxious Cheeseheads’ doors the next time they come down to Soldier Field. If we hold strong, Bear Fans, we’ve got this. Bear Down.
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