Bears Draft Talk: Projected Pick 11

To start this article off, I’d like to say this: the Chicago Bears are bad. This rebuilding team is not good right now. But that doesn’t mean that that can’t change in the future. I wouldn’t put much hope into this year despite my usual optimism. The Bears are projected at pick 11 in the 2023 NFL Draft. Who could possibly be on the Bears’ board at such a high pick? Let’s talk about. But before we do, I find it fun to mention that the last time the Bears picked at 11 was when we drafted Justin Fields, so if that’s where we end up drafting (which is highly unlikely), it would be quite comical if we draft him help at this particular position. Anyway, let’s get into these possible situations.

WR – Kayshon Boutte, Jaxson Smith-Njigba, Jordan Addison
I know, I know. You’ve heard this a thousand times. But I doubt, especially after some of these games, that you’re tired of hearing about these Collegiate Superstar Wideouts. These players could be the very thing to save the Bears. With a weak WR free agent class, Chicago should rely on trades and the draft to set up this position group for success. Something that will help the Bears is the injury status of Jaxon Smith-Njigba (OSU). Early in the season, the receiver sustained a hamstring injury against Notre Dame. This has dropped him down a lot of draft boards, which could help the Bears if we do indeed pick at 11. Similar things could be said about Kayshon Boutte (LSU) who has had struggles getting targets this season. If you get the ball into this superstar’s hands, he’s electric. But the kicker is the fact that you have to get it into his hands. The only one of these receivers who has gotten significant playing time is Jordan Addison (USC) who, quite amusingly, was referred to as “The best WR NIL can buy.” He’s been great at USC. If the Bears found a way to get any of these receivers, I’d be very optimistic about what next season holds.

OL – Paris Johnson Jr., Peter Skoronski
The Chicago Bears offensive line may single handedly murder Justin Fields this season. Against the Washington Commanders, Fields was getting hit every play. Because I like a Quarterback with functioning limbs, I’ve put together my favorite offensive line prospects for the upcoming draft, starting with Paris Johnson Jr. (OSU). The Buckeyes left tackle has been a standout at THE Ohio State University. His blitz pickup is beautiful. His ability to get dirty while run blocking is more than commendable. I’d be hard pressed to find a better offensive line prospect. The other offensive linemen that we’re looking into is Peter Skoronski (Northwestern). Skoronski rarely gets beat in one-on-one blocks. He has transformed himself into an elite college football tackle. It takes an elite player to beat people consistently and in more than one way. In his film I’ve seen him beat guys by being more physically dominant in one play but then just smarter the next. He’s a smart and physical tackle which is a great combination.

The Bears are in a tough spot this year, but if we make the right moves, we’ll be a great spot for the future. Personally, I’d prefer that we lose some games now to be a good team later and for a long period of time, and if this rebuild plays out correctly, that’s definitely a possibility.
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