Bojack is Back

These past 3 weeks definitely haven’t been the easiest for Bear fans. They’ve been riddled with a lot of media criticism, though well deserved at times, I will admit. The downside to this fact is that we overlook some of the great things that are happening in the Windy City. For example, the reemergence of defensive superstar, Eddie Jackson.

Jackson truly is having a year worthy of 2018 Eddie. It’s taken a lot of time to get to this point, with multiple defensive systems and running mates to go with the ballhawk, but we finally have something to cheer for in this defensive secondary. Bojack has snagged two picks in three games this year, which isn’t an easy feat at all. He leads the Bears, and at a bigger perspective, only 1 player has more than him in the entire league, that being Marcus Williams of the Baltimore Ravens.

I contribute this reemergence to two main things, the first being new safety partner Jaquan Brisker. The Penn State rookie has been the perfect compliment to Jackson’s play style. The last time that we had a safety duo of this caliber, it was Adrian Amos beside him. If we can get anything near the production that we had during that era, the Bears are in for a lot of turnovers, which is exactly what we need.

The other factor that contributes to this is the fact of the new Matt Eberflus/Alan Williams system. This system has been proven to yield a lot of turnovers, meaning that it gives Jackson more and more opportunities to succeed and turn the ball over. Williams and Eberflus are putting Eddie in the right place to be as good as possible. This is one of the reasons that I believe this coaching staff will be great. They let their superstars do what superstars do: produce and be game wreckers.

There’s still a lot of season left and football to be played, but I still have a lot of optimism for this young and growing Bears team. I believe that we have the foundation to be great and it’s only a matter of time before we get there. For one last note, Eddie Jackson, Welcome Back.
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