Green Bay Packers Vs. New York Jets: Score Prediction

Another week, another questionable game for the Green and Gold. Aaron Rodgers and his receivers looked out of sync while the defense fell apart in the second half. The overall play calling by LaFleur and Barry was atrocious, this loss will sting for a while. Now the Packers face another team located in the Big Apple.

Despite the Jets struggles in the past few years they have started off moderately well (amazing for Jets fans) sitting at 3-2 and coming off a dominant performance against the Dolphins. The Packers will be heading into the game as 7.5 point favorites, although the way this Jets team is performing this could certainly be a closer game than most people think.

The opening key for the Packers are to rely on their run game which has been severely underused by LaFleur and Co despite Jones and Dilllon impressing. Both Jones and Dillon need carries and the Packers offense is at its best through this running back tandem.

Additionally this Packers defense needs to step up, disappointing play calling along with other more minimal factors have made this Green Bay group underperform significantly. Barry needs to trust the personnel, especially in the secondary and finally play man coverage despite the opponent.

For the Jets, using their young hungry front seven will undeniably prove pivotal if they are to pull off an upset in Lambeau Field. Utilizing their running back tandem against a poor run defense will also prove to help the Jets as rookie Breece Hall is having a great rookie year and Micheal Carter is a reliable second year partner for Hall.

Despite the Packers current struggles, they should be able to find a spark in Week 6 and improve to 4-2, winning 24-17
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