3 Receivers the Packers Should Pursue Ahead of the November 1 Trade Deadline

The Packers receiving core is undoubtedly one of the worst in the NFL at the moment and for the foreseeable future, that is if the Packers don’t decide to make a move for one. Here are 3 receivers on the trade block that could seriously bolster the receiving core.

1. Elijah Moore
The 22 year old wideout recently requested a move away from the Big Apple after reportedly being frustrated with the lack of targets and his minimal role in the offense. Not only would Moore be a great asset since he is still extremely young but he additionally offers the Packers versatility being able to line up both on the outside and in the slot, along with separation. Two key things this offense needs badly.

2. Chase Claypool
Keeping up with the trend of young receivers on the market, Claypool has been on the market and Green Bay is reportedly interested. Claypool would be a big target standing at 6’4 and could help the Packers early deep hall struggles. He could play another Lazard type role and also be a great blocker for our run game.

3. Dj Moore
Out of these 3 targets Dj Moore would certainly be the most valuable for the Packers immediately becoming the wide receiver one for the offense. Moore would provide Rodgers with an elite weapon who creates separation and can go get 50/50 balls.
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