3 Wide Receivers the Packers Should Consider Acquiring

DJ Moore
DJ Moore has had an underwhelming start to the season, but then again, the Panthers best quarterback is Baker Mayfield. Despite the woes he’s had to deal with while being on the Panthers, he is the most consistent receiver the Panthers have had in recent memory. In his 5 seasons with the Panthers, he’s had 3 1000 yard seasons, even while having a lack of targets in 2 of the 3 seasons he had 1000 yards. Keep in mind that DJ Moore was putting these numbers up with quarterbacks that consisted of Kyle Allen, Sam Darnold, and Cam Newton, 3 mediocre quarterbacks. Imagine how much DJ Moore could flourish with the 4x MVP throwing the ball to him. The Packers could use a versatile receiver like DJ Moore in their struggling offense, considering that the true slot receiver Randall Cobb will miss some time with an ankle injury. And considering that DJ Moore is quite young for being a trade target, being only 25 years old, it would make a lot of sense to trade for him. The price tag the Panthers have rumoredly set for DJ Moore is a 1st round pick, and in my opinion, the Packers should definitely trade for him. With the Packers being in a win now mode, and the defensive talent being as good as its been for years, a trade like this could steer the Packers in the right direction.

Chase Claypool
Now I know what Packers fans are thinking, “No we don’t want a guy like Chase Claypool he’ll ruin the environment in the locker room”, and you may be right, but hear me out for a second. Chase Claypool is a big body receiver that’ll win jump balls as long as you put them up there. He has proven that he can go up against some of the best corners in the league through his play in recent seasons. He’s had bad luck with his quarterbacks, with a washed up Ben Roethlisberger and a NVP quarterback being his source of targets. Even with a bad draw of qbs, he’s had decent numbers for being a WR 2 in a bad Steelers offense. He hasn’t broken 1000 yards, but he has had 2 800 yard seasons, and has put up 13 touchdowns through 2 and a half seasons. He is only 24 years old and has been healthy throughout his young career, and this is why he would be a perfect trade target for the Packers. Chase Claypool with time, could be great with Aaron Rodgers, a dynamic and deep ball thrower with a big body high velocity wide receiver could cause havoc. This is a player that Brian Gutekunst NEEDS to go after before the deadline, because a guy like Chase can put touchdowns on the board, something the Packers have had a hard time doing so far.

Odell Beckham JR
The Packers and OBJ have been in talks ever since last year, where he ultimately decided to go with the Rams instead of the Packers. He ended up being a key contributor to the Rams offense throughout the playoffs and in the Superbowl, where he put up decent stats, with 300 yards and 5 touchdowns in the regular season and 288 yards and 2 touchdowns in the postseason. Odell is a free agent again, and is yet again in the headlines with rumors saying the Packers are closing in on him. Now I know he is injury prone and is not projected to play till midseason, but this guy is worth the risk. He has proven time and time again that when put in the right situation, he can flourish. He his getting up there in age, but i dont think he’d be a long term player for the Packers. I believe that the Packers should sign him to a 1 year deal and let him prove that he is worth the big bucks. Who knows, maybe he can win another ring with the Packers.
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