How Exactly can the Packers Make the Playoffs?

If you would have told me week 12 that we would have been in competition for a wildcard spot I would have called you crazy, but as the weeks go on the reality of a playoff spot becomes more and more likely. Here are all the possible scenarios on which the Packers can make the playoffs.

Packers need to win out
It’s no secret that the biggest factor in us going to the playoffs will be us winning out. If we lose even 1 out of our 2 games we can kiss our playoff hopes goodbye. Thankfully we will have some help, with both of the remaining games being home games. The Packers first opponent will be against a tough Vikings team. The Vikings themselves are still looking to move up in the playoffs, being only 1 game out of the number 1 seed. The Packers have been dealing with injuries to key players such as David Baktihairi and Christian Watson, and will need these guys back for this 2 game stretch in order to win these games. The Lions however will be a bigger problem than most people think. The Lions are coming off a recent win streak and are looking to go to the playoffs for the 1st time since 2016. The Packers played in week 9, where they got beat in a humiliating fashion, losing 9-16. However this Packers team is a very different team then the one they faced week 9, jumping all the way up from a bottom offense to a middle of the pack offense. I think these games will be the most challenging games they’ll play this whole season, but I think that both of these games are very winninable, especially when you have Aaron Rodgers running the table with you.

Commanders NEED to lose
Another key part to the Packers postseason hopes is the Commanders. In order for the Packers to even be in contention, they need the Commanders to lose 1 of their 2 remaining games. Now while this seems very difficult at first, considering they have been playing well this season, they have a challenging 2 game stretch ahead of them, facing the 6-9 Browns and the 11-4 Cowboys. The Browns, despite being eliminated from playoff contention last week, still have a very solid squad. An offense with Deshaun Watson, Amari Cooper, Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, and Donovan Peoples-Jones is very capable of taking a lead in that game and running with it. But I think most Commanders fans are more nervous for the game after that one, versus the steaming hot Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys just came off of a thriller versus the Eagles, and are looking to try and win out to improve seeding. Their last meeting versus the Cowboys ended on a poor note, with the Cowboys dominating the Commanders 25-10. Taylor Hennicke started that game, but it’s questionable whether or not he’ll even start these last 2 games. Carson Wentz took over late in the 4th quarter versus the 49ers last Saturday, so it’ll be interesting to see what he can do. He’ll either turn into his old shell of himself while playing on the Eagles, or he’ll be good ole Carson Wentz, the one we all know. Overall, the Commanders losing 1 of their last 2 games is very likely considering the opponents they’re facing, and it would help the Packers out a ton.

Bonus: Giants need to lose out
Although this scenario doesn’t need to happen for the Packers to go to the playoffs, it would surely boost their chances if the Giants lose out. The Giants would need to lose to the Colts, who came off an embarrassing performance on Monday night football against the Chargers, and have a loss against the Eagles. Now if ANY other team besides the Colts was playing the Giants, I could see this scenario happening, but Nick Foles is washed up and the rest of the team is already booking trips to Cabo San Lucas for the playoffs. However, if the Giants somehow manage to lose that game, It could make things interesting for the Packers. All the Packers would need from the Giants is to lose to the Eagles, and instead of having the 7 seed, they would have a 6 seed. While this scenario seems very unlikely, it still is something that Packers fans will be rooting for to happen.

Overall Thought
In my opinion, I personally think the Packers control their own destiny throughout this 2 game stretch. Everything they needed to happen has happened, and it’s up to them on whether they want it enough or not.
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