Silver Linings Throughout The Packers Four Game Losing Streak

The Packers have not had a lot of positivity throughout this 4 week stretch of losing so I thought it would be good to shine the light on some of the things the Packers have done right this season.

Romeo Doubs
The wide receiving core for the Packers has currently been abysmal, with nothing but inconsistency and injuries to compliment it. One of the bright spots of the receiving core however has been Romeo Doubs. Romeo was one of the only bright spots of the game in Buffalo, scoring 1 touchdown and receiving for over 60 yards. In the 8 game stretch that he has played, he has recorded 3 touchdowns, and just under 300 yards. Overall for a rookie, he has really stepped up when no one else had and had been the only productive receiver so far. He has had his inconsistencies so far in the season, with dropped balls, but it is expected since he is a rookie. Expect big things out of him for this season and next season.

We stayed in it with the Bills
Yes I know the Packers lost by double digits, but it could have been a lot worse. Going into the game everyone thought that it was going to be a blowout, but it was quite the opposite. For the first time in this losing streak, the Packers looked alive. They were getting 3rd down conversions, they were scoring against a good Bills Defense, and they were stopping the Bills offense, who is arguably the best offense in the league. Jaire Alexander and Rasul Douglas both got a pick, and the secondary played surprisingly well. The Packers held Josh Allen to the 2nd fewest yards thrown, and contained him fairly well the whole game. The Packers overall had a good performance against a superbowl favorite, and hopefully they can use the momentum from this game and push it towards the other games.

Kylin Hill is back off the IR
Packers fans have had to suffer the agony of watching Amari Rodgers take punts for the first 8 weeks of the season, but no more. Kylin Hill, who was the primary kick returner before he got injured in last year’s game vs the Arizona Cardinals, is back and is healthy. In contrast to Amari Rodgers, Kylin Hill is a guy that knows how to hold on to the ball, and is not afraid to take it out when needed. Not only will he serve as the kick returner, but he will also serve as the teams 3rd string RB, a valuable backup if someone gets injured. I would like to see the Packers try and incorporate him in the offense because when he got his chance, he reminded me of Aaron Jones a lot. Overall Kylin Hill might not be a superstar the Packers were looking for, but he will definitely contribute to the special teams and possibly the offense.

The Packers have a rough stretch in these next few weeks, but Packers fans need to have faith. Packers fans need to have faith in the team, and have faith in the GOAT Aaron Rodgers. The only message i can provide is to R-E-L-A-X
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