Why Justin Fields Can Win MVP in 2023

We are a couple months away from the NFL season starting, but to keep everyone busy, the updates on the off-season improvements of different teams help fill the gap. A lot of the updates that are making Bears fans joyful is the updates on Justin Fields. With the signings and trades made by Ryan Poles, that itself made Bears fans excited for the 2023 season to start but then there was more. Bears OC Luke Getsy went as far as saying that Fields is “light years” ahead of the position that he was in last year. Bears HC Matt Eberflus also said that Fields has made some “big strides” as a passer during the off-season. With all this being said, here is why I think Justin Fields can win MVP in 2023:

The Off-season Additions
This Bears team looks a whole lot different than the team we saw last season. Notable offseason additions like D.J Moore and Tremaine Edmunds plus other signings and the draft help build an improved team for the Bears on both sides of the ball. One of the biggest winners from the offseason additions was Justin Fields. Fields finally gets a star WR1 in D.J Moore as well as an improved offensive line to help build a much better offense for Justin to flourish in. When talented QBs have a star WR1 and a decent o-line, they are bound to become one of the best QBs in the league. Now I am not saying every QB that has won MVP needed a star WR1 to win the award (Lamar Jackson, as an example) but it most certainly helps them in becoming an MVP. Last season the media noticed that Justin Fields has a lot of talent that is developing week by week, but with weapons and a better o line, Fields could potentially reach top 10 status. Back in March when the D.J. Moore trade happened,, there were sportsbooks who were favoriting Justin Fields to win MVP in 2023 and Fields had also received a vote for MVP in 2022. Of course it is very early to favorite a QB to win MVP with 3+ months left until the season starts, but it speaks volumes on a higher scale. With great talent around Justin Fields, the sky is the limit.

The Improvement as a Passer as well as a Runner
One of the biggest reasons why Justin Fields can be MVP is because of his playmaking ability as a runner, but also the continuous improvement as a passer that was witnessed last season. With Justin finally getting a star WR1 in D.J Moore and improvements in the o-line he’s bound to put 2 and 2 together to turn himself into a star QB. His running ability last season shown comparisons of Lamar Jackson. His passing ability showed us flashes of what brought us excitement of the future of this Bears team. The improvement of the o-line is going to help Justin in having more time to read defenses, see the open man more clearly, and give him time to be a magician in the moment. If Justin counters his running ability with a good passing improvement from last season, he’s going to put the NFL on notice.

Third Year QB
A lot of QB’s have took major leaps in their 3rd year in the NFL. Take a look at Josh Allen, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jalen Hurts. A big similarity between these QBs is that their team acquired a star WR1 in their third year of the NFL and it has brought them only success. The Bears traded for D.J. Moore leading up to Justin Fields’ third year in the NFL which leads to the question, is this going to be a big year for Justin Fields? My answer to that is yes, especially because of the efforts of Ryan Poles and Co. to make sure that Fields is surrounded with the right talent.

Will Justin Fields Win MVP?
This question might be very early to answer as we are months away from the season starting however, I believe that Justin Fields can win MVP. My reason is because Justin has the right tools around him to evolve into an MVP-level QB. Am I saying that Justin will absolutely win the MVP award in 2023? No, I am not but I absolutely think that with Aaron Rodgers leaving the Packers and the Vikings unloading a lot of their players, I think that there’s a strong chance that Justin Fields will be in the MVP conversation in the 2023-24 season.

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