Should the Bears Reunite with Kicker Robbie Gould?

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the Bears this off-season, especially for their plan for the 2023 NFL Draft that is rapidly approaching. While there are plenty of rumors for how the Bears use the 9th pick, there are still some free agency rumors for the Bears that are not going unnoticed. One of those rumors is that Robbie Gould might return to the Bears since he will test free agency, so I will get right to it:

Robbie Gould’s Fit
Robbie Gould is one of, if not the most efficient kicker in the NFL. Over the last three seasons his field goal percentage has stayed above 80% and has a perfect 100% field goal percentage in the playoffs. Robbie Gould has proven to be a key contributor for the 49ers, and has certainly helped them in his time in the Bay as they have went to the Super Bowl and NFC Championship a few times. Gould was also a key contributor back when he was still a Bear with his field goal percentage being above 80% for most of the years. Robbie Gould would easily fit with the Bears and what also helps is that he himself said that he would love to come back to the Bears in a recent appearance on ESPN 1000.

Do the Bears Need Robbie Gould?
I love Robbie Gould and he is definitely my favorite kicker in the NFL. I feel as though his time in Chicago should not have been cut short. I like what Cairo Santos has been able to bring ever since he came to Chicago, but I have seen some inconsistencies with his play in the 2022 season. I would not say that the Bears need to replace Cairo Santos as of right now, however I would most definitely think that the Bears would not be opposed to bringing him back to the Windy City.

The Final Verdict:
I believe that if I am Ryan Poles and I want to put the cherry on top for this Bears team, I would think that Robbie Gould is the cherry. I firmly believe that Robbie Gould should have never left the Bears all those years ago but that was a mistake made by an absolutely different regime. I don’t think that Cairo Santos is a bad kicker, however as I previously mentioned, I noticed some unusual inconsistencies in 2022 and that worries me. I do believe that Robbie Gould loves Chicago and I think he wants to return to the Bears. I absolutely 100% believe that the Bears should sign Robbie Gould even though he is not technically an “absolute need”. There is this saying that I always remember, “Just because something works doesn’t mean it cannot be improved” and this perfectly sums up why the Bears should sign Robbie Gould. Ryan Poles is looking for ways to improve this Bears team in any way he can, and signing Robbie Gould will only help the Bears in big ways.
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