Matt Eberflus has Already Corrected One of Matt Nagy’s Biggest Mistakes

As The Bears hired new head coach Matt Eberflus ahead of the 2022 NFL season, he was given the arduous task of taking over a torn-down team with a roster that ranks near the bottom five in the NFL. No one would have blamed Eberflus if he had displayed a poor coaching effort in his first two preseason games but that wasn’t the case for the first-year head coach. Between both preseason games versus The Chiefs and The Seahawks, Eberflus demonstrated outstanding leadership, patience, and discipline. Each trait was non-existent in the old regime run by ex-Bears head coach Matt Nagy, especially the discipline part. 

In both games against The Chiefs and Seahawks, the Matt Eberflus-led Bears only committed just two penalties total. This was a major problem for Matt Nagy, as when he was in charge of The Bears, penalty flags were thrown left and right. Nagy failed to establish discipline throughout The Bears roster and that led to him being kicked out the door. Eberflus however, understood what needed to be done with this roster, even if it isn’t something major that either the fans or the players wanted.

When a new head coach heads into a franchise, many of its players and fans expect to win right away. While Matt Eberflus certainly would like to start winning right away, he knows that it’s going to be a process to turn this Bears team into a winning one. As soon as Eberflus was hired, he stressed that this Bears team wasn’t lacking any talent, it was lacking the little things. Work ethic, morale, and especially discipline. Eberflus knows that even if you have amazing talent surrounding a roster, it is nothing without the small things that truly make a team great.

As The Bears approach the final preseason game before the regular season, as a fan, pay attention not to just the players, but Matt Eberflus. Pay attention to how he leads his team, and how he facilitates. If you truly look at how Matt Eberflus coaches this new Bears team, you’ll see how much better coached this franchise is, and you’ll see that Eberflus is pushing The Bears in the right direction.
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