Bagent of Chaos? Tyson Bagent Secures Bears First Home Win Since 2022

The Bears follow their embarrassing performance against the Vikings with a dominating 30-12 win over the Las Vegas Raiders. QB Tyson Bagent started instead of an injured Justin Fields, and the former Division II quarterback did enough to keep the game in the Bears’ hands. The defense performed, led by CB Jaylon Johnson’s two interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown to seal the game for the Bears. However, none had a better game than RB D’Onta Foreman, who had been a healthy scratch for the first five weeks of the season. Foreman amassed 130 total yards and three touchdowns and gave energy to an offense that an undrafted rookie quarterback led; his performance no doubt helped Tyson Bagent ease into the offense and put up a worthy performance. Everything about this game clicked for the Bears, except for one aspect: the coaching.

Near the end of the first half, the Bears had the ball driving down the field within the final two minutes. The Bears could have gone up 21-3 before halftime; however, HC Matt Eberflus refused to use any of his timeouts until the Bears had 30 seconds left on the clock at the 50-yard line. Eberflus keeps giving more and more reasons to have himself fired. He is a great guy for the culture but makes some questionable in-game decisions as a head coach. He did, however, turn the Bears’ defense around after assuming play-calling duties. Regardless, he isn’t qualified to coach an NFL team, and the Bears will likely relieve him of Head Coach status at the end of the season.

One thing positive about the coaching from the game was the play-calling from OC Luke Getsy. Getsy had the perfect game plan for Bagent, which was executed well by the undrafted rookie. It’s questionable why Getsy can construct the perfect gameplan for Bagent, yet he can’t construct one for Fields, who is MILES better than Bagent. Any Bears fans who think Bagent is better than Fields are crazy. Fields will still have his starting spot when he recovers from his thumb injury, barring some sort of amazing performance from Bagent against the Chargers on primetime next week, which is highly unlikely. Then again, Bagent showed the NFL world that nothing is impossible for the former DII quarterback.

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