Game’s Around the NFL That Impact the Packers’ Playoff Chances

After this week the Green Bay Packers are still in with a chance of making the playoffs. There were some key games which affected the Packers’ playoff chances this week.

One Key game was the New York Giants @ Washington Commanders. If you read my last report you will be aware that the outcome of this game was not the outcome which I hoped for. The Giants won this game 12-20. We now need the Commanders to lose 2 more games which looks less likely as the final games for the Commanders are easier on paper compared to the Giants. Although Washington needs to play the 49ers, Browns and the Cowboys so there is hope for Packers fans.

Another key game in the NFL this week was the Seattle Seahawks’ game. They lost 13-21 to the 49ers which is brilliant for the Packers. Now Seattle needs to travel to Kansas to play the Chiefs. This game will be really hard for the Seahawks and if they lose it satisfies part of the conditions allowing the Packers to make the playoffs.

All of these conditions are irrelevant if the Packers don’t win their remaining games. Green Bay travels to Miami which will be the hardest game remaining on their schedule. Despite the win against the LA Rams, there are definitely improvements to be made if they are going to beat the Dolphins.

Aaron Rodgers threw a really bad interception which was a result of a miscommunication between him and Allen Lazard. This sort of thing has happened too much this season and can’t happen if they are going to beat the Dolphins. Apart from this the offence had a decent game which was focused mainly on the run game. Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon combined for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns. I was especially happy with the return of Romeo Doubs who was our top receiver (55 yards). I am excited to see him in the coming weeks.

The main concern was the secondary. Baker Mayfield played terribly but watching the game, you couldn’t help but feel Miami’s trio of Tua, Waddle and Hill would cause serious damage if we don’t make changes.

On special teams, Keisan Nixon looked excellent. In the last 3 years we only had 9 returns over 30 yards, but Keisan has already had 8. It is so nice to not be terrified when the opposing team punts.

So to keep the Playoff hopes alive we will need to improve. We were disappointing considering we were coming off a bye week, but it does feel like we are getting hot at the right time with Watson playing great, Doubs coming back and finally having an effective kick returner. There is hope.
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