What Have We Seen From Jordan Love So Far

During the Green Bay Packers’ 33-40 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles this week, Aaron Rodgers left the game with a hip injury. It was said that until the Packers are mathematically unable to make the playoffs, Aaron still wants to play, but it does feel like fans are closer than ever to seeing Jordan Love start. Love has had limited time so far for different reasons.

In his first season, preseason was canceled due to COVID-19. In his second preseason, he was hurt so had limited snaps. Also in this season he was called upon in the regular season against the Kansas City Chiefs. Jordan was next seen in the 2022 Preseason.

The best game to analyze is the Kansas game. In this game he threw 19/34 for 190 yards. Green Bay lost this game 7-13 but there were signs of him coming into his own near the end, and without mistakes on special teams (including 2 missed field goals) the Packers could’ve won that game.

This week, Jordan Love entered the game and threw 6/9 for 113 yards and 1 TD. Love came into the game with the score sat at 23-37 so had a pretty tough assignment to win the game. Although with a TD pass to Christian Watson and the defense holding the Eagles to just a field goal, there was a chance for Green Bay to salvage something from the game. Although it was always an uphill battle. Another important thing to look at is the performance by Aaron Rodgers. He threw another 2 interceptions taking him to 9 this year. This is the third highest number of interceptions he has thrown in a season, and the season isn’t finished yet. After this season the Packers need to decide whether to activate Love’s 5th-year option so will need to see something to justify keeping him next year. If fans don’t see Jordan Love in action, and then lose him after the season, you would have to think it is a massive waste of a first round pick. Some fans have credited Love for the amazing performances from Rodgers resulting in back to back MVPs, saying Love motivated Rodgers to step up.

Aaron Rogders’ play is showing signs of decline, and Love has shown signs of potential. You should be careful not to react impulsively in the time of crisis, but considering the circumstances it makes sense to put Jordan Love in. I think as long as Rodgers is healthy, he will play next week against the Chicago Bears, but if we lose there, we are pretty much out of the playoff race and I think we will see Jordan Love play for the rest of the season. I am excited to see him.
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