Are the Packers Going to the Playoffs?

It’s been a constant discussion all season: Are the Green Bay Packers headed to the playoffs? Should they tank to get a better draft pick? Should Jordan Love play? Should Aaron Rodgers still be the starter? Is the defense’s lack of success due to Joe Barry?

Despite all these storylines, the Packers are 5-8 and currently on the outside looking in. It’s debatable whether they should already be in, considering they blew games against the New York Giants and lost to the Washington Football Team and New York Jets. Those were games they should have won.

However, there’s still hope. If the Packers win their remaining games, they’ll have a 66% chance of making the playoffs, but they don’t control their own destiny. Their remaining schedule includes the Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions. It’s possible they’ll win all those games, but they’ll also need help. Two of the following three things need to happen, as long as the Packers win out:

– The Washington Football Team needs to lose 3/4 of its games (vs. Giants, at 49ers, vs. Browns, vs. Cowboys)
– The Giants need to lose 3/4 of their games (at Washington, at Vikings, vs. Colts, at Eagles)
– The Seattle Seahawks need to lose 3/4 of their games (vs. 49ers, at Chiefs, vs. Jets, vs. Rams)
– The Packers can afford for the Seahawks to lose two if those losses are against NFC teams.

The Packers need two of those three things to happen, as well as winning out. It seems likely as every other year, everything the Packers need to happen to make the playoffs happens.

If Green Bay squeezes into the playoffs, can they make some noise and go on a run? Absolutely. They’re coming off a week 14 bye, everyone is starting to get healthy, and they’re coming off a win. If the Packers manage to sneak into the playoffs, they’ll be winners of five straight, healthy, and have rejuvenated confidence.
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