Is it too Early to Call Christian Watson a Superstar?

Christian Watson has arrived. He has shown over the last month that he can be a superstar. Yes, it’s too early to crown him as a superstar but the last month of football can show exactly what he can be. Over the last four games, Watson has eight touchdowns.

These types of numbers as a rookie have not been put up since Randy Moss. That statistic alone just shows how incredible this stretch has been for Watson. A lot of people were quick to call Watson a bust or bashed him since he was not a first-round pick then because he could not stay on the field. What is the excuse now from fans?

Packer fans that watch this team closely knew how talented Watson was and what he could be. Watson is finally showing that. Everyone in the Packers organization said that there was not really anything that was evident to think an outbreak like this was coming but here we are. General manager Brian Gutekunst stated that Watson has the desire to be great. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers just said it’s proof of how one catch can change the trajectory of a season/career. Rodgers has said that ever since the Dallas Cowboys game that Watson has been more improved and had way more confidence.

To put this season in perspective for Watson as a whole. First, half derailed by injuries to having more touchdowns than Aaron Jones and AJ Dillion combined as well as having the same number of rushing touchdowns as Jones. This offense as a whole is starting to figure it out and just wait until they are at full strength and have another year under their belt. They will be a very good group no matter the quarterback. All you need to know now though is that Christian Watson is on his way to being a superstar.
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