A Lions Fan Predicts the Score of the Lions vs. Vikings Game

Lions fans, we have…a good team?

The Detroit Lions may have made a few sloppy mistakes in the second half, but that doesn’t eliminate the routing of the Washington Commanders that occurred in week 2. The Lions out scored Washington 22-0 in half one, winning the game 27-36, and now they travel to Minnesota to play an offensively tough Minnesota Vikings team.

I know what we are all likely thinking:
“We kept it close against the Eagles (who look incredible this season) and the Eagles blew out the Vikings, so the Lions should make light work of them”

It’s just not that simple however. The Eagles managed to keep Justin Jefferson at bay, and that is going to be the key to the Lions success. After 2 weeks, the Lions are tied for second in most points scored, so it’s very clear after playing two tough defensive units, they will have no issue putting points on the board, but it’s all about the Lions defense keeping points off the board. The Lions defensive unit have allowed 65 points thus far, and if they’d like to win, they cannot continue their theme.

The Lions have to capitalize on Defensive stoppages. If the Lions manage that, I think we see the Lions come out on top.

Final Score:
Lions 28 – Vikings 24
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