Detroit Lions vs New England Patriots Score Prediction

The Lions find themselves in the thick of it, yet again. With the 1st ranked offense, and the 32nd ranked defense, you can’t help but think “defense wins championships” through the fiasco of the past 4 weeks. The Lions, who are set at a 1-3 Record, look to face Bailey Zappe and the 1-3 New England Patriots this week in a matchup that could have 1 of 2 outcomes from my perspective: The Lions Blow the patriots out, winning by 10+
Lions Lose by a 1 score Margin.

Hopefully, we see rapid success in the offense, and at least just poor defensive play, maybe a stop or 2 at least. At the end of the day, I’m optimistic the Lions make some things happen, but not too optimistic, simply because it’s almost too poetic to that the Lions lose to Matt Patricia.

Final Score: Lions 32
Patriots 37
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