Why Mike McDaniel Yelled “Stop It!” at Bears’ Justin Fields

On Sunday, Mike McDaniel employed an intriguing defensive strategy against Justin Fields.

Fields stepped out of bounds on the Miami sideline, and the Dolphins’ head coach yelled, “Stop it!” at him.

He gave a press conference on Monday to justify his yelling at Fields.

“I just wanted him to stop scrambling,” McDaniel said. “And it was pretty irritating because he didn’t listen at all. At that stage of the game, I figured no one had asked him to stop it. So, you know, I gave it a try. I think other coaches can learn from my experience that he does not listen.

“So, rely on other tactics.”

McDaniel made a funny but valiant effort to stop the relentless Fields.

Against McDaniel’s Dolphins, Fields amassed 178 rushing yards (an NFL record for a quarterback) and 123 passing yards. He rushed for a 61-yard touchdown in addition to his three touchdown passes.

Having three passing touchdowns and more than 140 rushing yards in a single game makes him the first quarterback in NFL history.

The Bears have demonstrated that they are a strong offense. The Bears’ offense has scored 33, 29 and 32 points over the last three weeks.

Even McDaniel’s words are unable to stop them.
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