Vikings 2023-2024 Record Prediction Pt. 2

Well, at the halfway point the Vikings are at 5-3 with no bye week yet. Which, all in all, is a great start for a team on a rebuild path. However, will we see a struggle in the second half of the season? Or will we see more prosperity from this young, talented, Vikings team. Here’s what I think.

Week 9: Vikes 31, Falcons 20
In a game where the Vikings have an elite offense, and the Falcons have an okay defense, I see the Vikings running away with this one. I think an easy win is in sight for the Vikings. The Falcons do have some talent on offense but not enough to do a lot of damage. I see this game as a game that the Vikings should be in control of entirely. There is no reason why the Vikings shouldn’t win this one.

Week 10: Saints 24, Vikes 27
Although the Vikings beat the Saints a year ago, it was still extremely close. The Saints had no leadership at QB, and they had a very banged up roster. However, I see this game being a very close one. Looking at the Saints roster, it is pretty talented. The only issue is that a lot of their players are older veterans, so they might have lost some juice. All in all though, I see the Vikings winning a real close one here at home.

Week 11 (SNF): Vikes 34, Broncos 27
The Broncos are an odd team this upcoming season. They have tons of potential on offense, but a very mediocre defense. Looking at their defense isn’t too terrifying. They have Pat Surtain, Simmons, and Randy Gregory, but other than that it isn’t anything too special. I see this being an offensive slugfest that the Vikings get the upper hand in. However, don’t be shocked if the Broncos flip the score.

Week 12 (MNF): Bears 21, Vikes 34
This time against the Bears, the Vikings are at home. Again, I don’t see any big contests here. I think the Vikings offense is gonna shred that defense again, and I don’t see the Bears offense doing anything substantial. I see a clear path to a Vikings win, with the only thing stopping them is them.

Week 13: BYE
The Vikings go into the bye at 9-3 and sit neck and neck with the Lions for the division. After a long stretch of difficult games, the Vikings finally get the break they have desperately needed. This bye week will be a week for the team to get healthy and re-coop before they lose their shape.

Week 14: Vikes 27, Raiders 20
This is a game I could see being a lot more of a beatdown than the score shows. The Raiders have a great offense, with a not so great O-line. They then have a defense that lacks in the secondary. The only thing that will benefit their defense is their edge rushers. Other than those few things though, I don’t see “Raider Nation” giving the Vikings any real trouble.

Week 15: Vikes 24, Bengals 35
I could see this game being closer, but the simple fact of the matter is, the Bengals are a Super Bowl caliber team. They really only have 3 holes on their team: CB, LG, and SS. Other than that, they are set. I could also see this being a game where the Bengals score over 40, either way, I think the Bengals easily take the win here.

Week 16: Lions 31, Vikes 34
This game is destined to be close. It has potential to be a game of the year candidate. Last year the Lions gave the Vikings a handful both times they played them. I think the Vikings edge them out at US Bank Stadium just for the simple fact that the Lions defense is extremely young. Hence why both teams get over 30, this game will be an offensive based game. I think the Vikings edge the Lions out just because, at this point, the Lions really only have one receiver that put in good work a season ago. That and their CB’s will also be the downfall of their defense. Vikings win this one 34-31.

Week 17 (SNF): Pack 24, Vikes 27
The only difference in this game is the fact that the Vikings are at home this time. I think the Vikings handle business as usual with some hardships, but nothing too detrimental. Not to mention, the Vikings just had a very competitive game against the Lions a week ago, and I think it whittled their strength just a little bit. Still, I think the Vikings grab this one 27-24.

Week 18: Vikes 20, Lions 34
With the Lions in a very prosperous spot in their franchise right now, I think their stadium, with a game this important, will be rockin’. I think this game will determine who takes the north. Unfortunately, I have the Lions winning it. With how infectious their stadium was a season ago, I could only imagine how it will be this season. The home crowd mixed with the drive of the Lions will create another whooping of the Vikings at Ford Field. Lions win this one by two scores and the Vikings will end the season with probably the 5th seed in the NFC playoffs.

Now, to me, this is the Vikings ceiling this season. If everything goes right, the Vikings could very well accomplish this. However, The Vikings defense is in one of its roughest shapes right now. The worst I see the Vikings doing is 8-9 and just missing the playoffs. Most of their competition is towards the beginning of the season. So if they do good in the beginning, they will finish strong.

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