Should the Lions Pursue Odell Beckham Jr. this Offseason?

When looking at the Lions offense, one of the things their offense lacks is a true number two receiver. Jameson Williams had some flashes in his return but really only had one outstanding game, and that was against the last ranked Minnesota Vikings defense. Now, when looking at the Lions as a possible destination, it kind of stands out and here’s why.

When looking at Detroit as an overall market, it is definitely towards the bottom in the NFL. I mean, why do you think Odell Beckham Jr. was considering going to Dallas and New York? Those are two of the biggest markets in the NFL. However, if Odell is still looking for success in the NFL. Detroit might be his home. The Lions have some of the biggest upside in the NFL right now. Their team has finally found a winning formula for the first time since 2016 and they have one of the most promising teams for the future. Not to mention, the Lions have one of the most fierce coaches in the league in Dan Campbell.

Now, the Lions do have a lot of young talent at receiver, however, none of them can create separation, nor create the plays like Beckham Jr. can. Beckham Jr. is a pure playmaker and he proved it in his stint with the Rams. He was a huge red zone threat and became the difference during the season. If the Lions could acquire Beckham Jr., they would probably have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league. I mean, the top three of Beckham Jr., Amon Ra, and Jameson Williams are unmatched. I, personally, believe that if the Lions acquired Beckham Jr., they would be even more dangerous than they already are, and I feel defenses would struggle against them.

However, one issue looming is the fact that Beckham Jr. is pretty much already set on Dallas or a reunion with New York, but with the right contract, I feel like the Lions could easily fall into the mix with Dallas and New York. I mean the Lions are a much more promising team than the Giants, but the Giants do have nearly $30 million more in cap space. So when looking at the odds, the Giants are the clear favorites when it comes to business. In contrast, I still believe the Lions should at least try to give Odell a 1, or 2, year $10 million contract with various contractual incentives.

Overall, the acquisition of Beckham Jr. to the Lions organization would be monumental and would boost their overall marketability as well. I feel the addition of Beckham Jr. could make the Lions an immediate NFC North contender and possible dark horse Super Bowl candidate next season. As long as they shape up their defense, they could really do some damage in the 2023-2024 season, and it would really help if Beckham Jr. was right alongside them doing it.
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