Should The Chicago Bears Trade Down in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Chicago Bears are one game away to securing the second overall pick in the 2023 draft. It would be the highest they have chosen since 2017. Many fan question if the reverse would occur this time. Ryan Poles, the general manager, is in a good spot. He already has a rising quarterback who is still young. Justin Fields appears to have immense potential. The remainder of the roster cannot be claimed to be the same. This team needs a ton of help. The issue might not be resolved by a single high pick. Many people are hopeful that Poles will consider trading down.

Some people don’t think the risk is worthwhile. Avoid overanalyzing the circumstance. Choose the top player who is available and take them. Particularly on the defensive side, the 2023 class appears to feature some elite-level talent that will be at #2. Upgrade the Bears’ crappy defensive line by taking a pass rusher or a defensive lineman, and be content. Everyone has a position on this controversy.

My Opinion
Poles is where it all begins, and how he feels about the best possibilities out there. He’ll wait here and choose one of them. However, if he isn’t fully committed, there is still time for a move. Then, it depends on how many teams are willing to trade up for one of the best quarterbacks in the draft. The majority of experts decided that Bryce Young (Alabama), C.J. Stroud (Ohio State), and Will Levis are the three quarterbacks most likely to place in the top 10. (Kentucky).

Where they go when the clock starts in April will be greatly influenced by how they perform during the pre-draft process of the combine, pro days, and interviews. The likelihood that Poles can swindle one of them for a significant haul of selections immediately grows if the QB-needy teams fall in love with any of them. Indianapolis (ranked fifth), Atlanta (ranked sixth), Carolina (ranked eighth), Las Vegas (ranked ninth), Tennessee (ranked thirteenth), and New York (15th) are all close by.

So we could trade down depending on what all the other teams want to do. If Indianapolis wants Bryce Young then they could trade with us. They get the second pick we get the 5, 36, and a future pick (for example).

I think this would be a great idea if the trade is a good deal for the future of the Chicago Bears.
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