KJ Osborn Explodes for a Career Day in Comeback Win Against the Colts

In the largest comeback in NFL history, the Vikings outscored the Colts 39-3 in the second half and overtime, with Kirk Cousins going 28/42 for 417 yards and 4 touchdowns in the second half, and overtime ALONE.

One player that made this comeback a lot more possible for the Vikings was their WR3 KJ Osborn. Coming into the game against the Colts, Osborn hadn’t made much of an impact in any games besides Week 3 against the Detroit Lions, where he had 5 receptions, 73 yards, and 1 touchdown.

Osborn came into this game looking like he would be splitting snaps with WR4 Jalen Reagor, as there have been questions at the Vikings’ WR3 positions in recent weeks, but after Saturday’s game, there should be no doubt that Osborn deserves that place on the roster.

In the game against the Colts, Osborn had 10 receptions for 157 yards and 1 touchdown. These stats held career highs in both receptions and receiving yards for Osborn in his short 3 year career so far.

With Osborn being the WR3, the Vikings have used him in the slot a lot of the season, meaning he’s never really running deep routes like we see Justin Jefferson running, or mid routes across the field that we see Adam Thielen run all the time. We always see KJ Osborn run drag routes, short comeback routes, or slant routes across the field.

Against the Colts, we saw Osborn take on a different role, with Justin Jefferson being off the field for a few plays, and Adam Thielen being off the field more than usual. Osborn was running a lot of fade and drive routes down the field, and with his speed, made it easy for him to get open.

Osborn’s longest reception was 63 yards, which set up the Vikings’ first touchdown of the game which was also to Osborn. By far Osborn’s biggest catch of the game however was his first down reception on the Vikings’ game winning drive in overtime. The catch and run set the Vikings up at their own 39 yard line, which set up big throws to his wide receiver counter parts, Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson.

With this performance this Saturday, Osborn can only hope for more chances in coming weeks, and too get more involved in the Vikings offense. With more games like this out of Osborn, the Vikings’ offense can be a lot more scary these last 3 weeks, as well as in the playoffs.
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