Cam Bynum Shines Bright vs. 49ers

The Vikings shocked the NFL with their upset with vs. the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. A lot of bright spots were seen throughout the game as Jordan Addison, the O-Line, and the secondary all performed extremely well.

A bright spot that might be overlooked, but played a major factor in the win however, was safety Camryn Bynum.

  Bynum, who was a 4th round pick for the Vikings in 2021, has struggled to find his footing throughout his first couple of years, trying to adjust switching from cornerback to safety.

  Last season, Bynum started for rookie Lewis Cine, as Cine was battling with a hamstring injury. Bynum struggled to find his footing, constantly being beat by receivers, and not positioning himself properly.

  Bynum has also been starting at safety for the beginning of this year, and there have been major improvements seen. Those improvements were really seen in the Vikings game against the 49ers, when Bynum had 9 tackles, and 2 very crucial interceptions.

  On his first interception, the ball was thrown right to Bynum, however, the interception was right when San Francisco was driving down the field, and were looking to get ahead in the game.

  Bynum’s second interception came during San Francisco’s final drive, and was the game clinching interception. Bynum read the pass perfectly, and although having a massive disadvantage with his height, was able to snag the ball right before it got to the receiver’s hands.

  Bynum may have struggled in the past, but he has shown massive improvement this season, and is looking to show that he can be a starter in the NFL.

  As Camryn Bynum likes to say, MOOOOOOVIEEEEEEE!!!

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