Is it Time To Worry About Adrian Amos

The 2022 season is finally underway. Through two weeks we have seen the best and the worst this team has to offer, including abysmal performances by the defensive players in week one. But there remains a problem. In week 2 when the defense bounced back, one key defender continued to struggle. Safety Adrian Amos. For anyone who read my previous article about the Packers best and worst player acquisitions, you should know I am a huge fan of Amos and believe he is one of the most pivotal pieces of this defense. This is why I am starting to worry about Amos after a second straight week of bad play against Chicago. 

Adrian Amos first arrived in Green Bay in 2019 as a free agent signing from Chicago. In his first three seasons in the Green and Gold Amos has played phenomenally, providing a safety blanket performance on the back end of the defense to help prevent big plays. In all three of Amos’s seasons he has recorded two interceptions and eight or nine pass deflections a season. Amos has also recorded PFF coverage grades of 76, 91.5, and 74.1 respectively. His overall grade ended very close to these as well, but at the end of the day he is a guy the Packers have used as a cover player and not as a run defender or even as a playmaking safety. 

But enter week 1 of 2022. Amos, along with the rest of the Packers defense, sucked. They allowed Justin Jefferson to roam free and do as he pleased. In week 1 Amos was targeted four times by Kirk Cousins, allowing 3 catches for 47 yards and 2 touchdowns. He ended with a coverage grade of 28.2 from PFF. But this could be chalked up to the overall terrible performance. That is what I believed would happen. But then week 2 vs Chicago happened. Amos played better, but he was still not very good. With a PFF coverage grade of 64.4, this recorded him as a middle of the road safety. Better than awful but still not as good as a top safety for the team. 

  Through two games so far this season Amos has not played well as evidenced by the grading above. While I think he could bounce back, I do believe it is time to start worrying about his performance. Amos is 29 years old right now. While this is before most players start to regress, you can’t rule out early regression for him either. The next three games, at Tampa Bay, vs New England, and vs the Giants will help us better understand where Amos is at. If he continues to struggle these next three weeks then I believe it is time to panic. This will be an evolving story that I will cover again after a few weeks, hopefully with a much better tone about Amos.

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