An Update On Adrian Amos’ 2022 Campaign

Disclaimer: if you have not read my previous article about Packers safety Adrian Amos, stop and read this piece first. It provides much needed context for this article. 

  Well here we are again. Three weeks after I originally wrote about why it may be time to worry about Safety Adrian Amos. The last three weeks have been an absolute slop fest for the Green Bay Packers in every category, defense included. Adrian Amos has been no exception to this, although he has appeared to be playing better than he did the first two weeks. 

  Enter week three, the big game against Tampa Bay without its top three receivers. Amos played 65 snaps against the Bucs, including 49 in coverage. He ended up playing and grading out better than he did the first two weeks, but his PFF coverage grade (one of the more reliable ways to judge a players coverage) was actually one point worse than his week two grade, with a 63.3 coverage grade. Following this was the week four game against New England and the now infamous Bailey Zappe. Amos left this game early, only having played 14 snaps, including five in coverage. He left that game with a 73.1 coverage grade which is very close to what his season coverage grade was in 2021. Now I must stress, this was a very small sample size so this grade means nothing in the grand scheme of things as Amos missed a vast majority of the game. Week five is where things are now getting interesting though. Against the Giants where the Packers lost, suffering a complete meltdown in the second half Adrian Amos looked the best he has all year, as well as graded as such. Receiving a 67.8 coverage grade, Amos looked better and was certainly not the reason the defense failed on Sunday. This being said, Amos still does not look like the guy he has been for the last three years here in Green Bay. 

  Through five weeks now we have seen horrible play from Amos but we have also seen some average play from him. What we have not seen is the high end Amos that has dominated games for this defense on the back end. At this point I am officially worried about Adrian Amos. He has not recorded a single pass deflection or interception this season. It is hard to figure out if the drop off has been on him or on the abysmal defensive coaching by Joe Barry. Only time will tell unfortunately. I will revisit this Amos story again following the season, hopefully with a more positive tone, talking about how he deserves an extension from Green Bay. Unfortunately at this moment I would say that resigning Amos would be a mistake and a detriment to this teams long term roster health.

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