How the Vikings can Ruin the Packers Dreams and Cap Off an Amazing Season this Week

It is no secret that the Vikings want to beat the packers. They demolished them in week 1, winning 23-7. In week 16, they will face them in Lambeau. Here they can ruin the Packer’s chances of making the playoffs and cap off the season how they started.

The Packers have won three straight and are now sitting at 7-8, they would need to win both of their remaining games to have a shot at the playoffs. With a slight resurgence from Aaron Rodgers and young players stepping up. They have been able to string together some nice wins.

This is where the train should stop. The Vikings are a better team and should be able to beat the Packers. However, when it comes to division opponents, anything can happen. In the last two years, these teams have split the two division games, in 2019 the Packers swept the Vikings. The last time the Vikings swept the Packers was in 2017. This being said, in the NFL is it very hard to beat a team twice, especially division opponents.

The Vikings have had an amazing season, sitting atop the NFC North at 12-3 and sitting in the number 2 seed in the NFC. Kevin O’Connell has stated a few times that he would love to be able to rest some veterans to prepare for the playoffs. With the 49ers at 11-4 inching up on the two seed, the Vikings do not have much room for error. It is essential for the Vikings to get as high of a seed as possible, and to be able to host as many playoff games as possible. I believe that home-field advantage is not all that important except for a few places. U.S. Bank Stadium is one of them. If the Vikings can host 2 playoff games, that only increases their chances to win.

This game is very important for both sides, these teams want to beat each other no matter the circumstances. If the Vikings can play well and handle the packers, I believe this would give them an extra boost going into the playoffs, To not only finish the season either 13-4 or 14-3(depending on week 18 vs the Bears) but to also have swept your biggest rival, would be a confidence boost like no other. Crushing the hopes of the Packers and potentially ending Aaron Rodgers’s career in the yellow and gold would be a chef’s kiss.

There are many things at stake in this game. Justin Jefferson is 208 yards away from the NFL record and is 244 yards away from achieving 2000 yards in a single season. A lot of eyes are on this, KOC wants to get Jefferson this record but understands that if Jefferson goes down then their season is over. There is a balancing act in place. If Jefferson can have a career game and break the record on Sunday, then this debate is over. The more likely scenario is that he will be around 100 yards away going into the final game. Jefferson has killed the Packers every time he has played them, if he can continue his past success then history is at the forefront.

The Vikings and Packers rivalry goes back decades. This game is one of the most exciting, I expect the Vikings to go to Lambeau and ruin the Packer’s dreams.
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