The Sad Reality of the Vikings’ 2023 Season

The Vikings have been faced with lots of tough decisions this offseason. With departures of many fan favorites such as Adam Thielen and Eric Kendricks. These players once built the foundation of this franchise. They played in every game that mattered for this squad. Fans everywhere were heartbroken and sad, wishing for contract restructures or extensions. However the sad reality is that they needed to go.

This team cannot be a charity, you don’t get to stay because you mean something to the city. Players come and go, these ones just happen to hurt a bit. Adam Thielen can still play, but the Vikings decided that they wanted to go a different way. Eric Kendricks had lost a step but was once a All-pro linebacker. These players took up too much money and didn’t provide enough to justify that.

The off-season just started and who knows what will happen, but reality could mean a bad season for the Vikings. Not mediocre but bad. The Vikings have lost 10+ games once in the past 10 years. The normal is average or great. It is a blessing and curse to be so average for so long, Vikings fans always have something to cheer for, with hope of the playoffs. They never have to endure the pain of a terrible team. Now they will not be terrible this season, Justin Jefferson and co. won’t let that happen. But there could be a significant drop off and fans need to be ready for this.

The harsh feeling of a bad season could turn into many good seasons later on, so many teams and fans bases have gone through the tanking years. Minnesota hasn’t experienced that much too often, with great players always around, the Vikings seem to stay afloat.

Many players could be cut before the season starts, new front office and new coaches want their guys, they are cleaning out what once stood as a super bowl contender. Fans should be sad about their favorite players leaving but should then pivot to reality, cleaning house and starting fresh is that way to go in 2023.
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