Detroit Lions 2023 Super Bowl Odds

At the beginning of the 2022-23 season, the Lions came in tied for the worst odds to win the Super Bowl, rightfully so as they were just coming off of having the second-worst record in the entire league. However, to many people’s surprise this year, the Lions finished with a record of 9-8, barely missing the playoffs. Since the 22-23 season just wrapped up with a Chiefs Super Bowl win, many sportsbooks have begun to release next year’s Super Bowl odds. Let’s take a look at where the Lions odds to raise the Lombardi in Las Vegas fall on these various sites.

Fanduel: +2500 odds
According to fanduel the Lions have the ninth best odds to win the Super Bowl next season. These are the best odds in the NFC north and the best odds for a non playoff team. This means that if you placed $100 on the Lions to win next year’s Super Bowl today, you would win $2,500 if that actually came true.

BetMGM: +2500
Similar to fanduel, BetMGM has given the Lions +2500, which is also the ninth best odds in the league and the highest among NFC north teams as well as the highest among non-playoff teams this season. You would also win $2,500 if you placed a $100 bet.

DraftKings: +3000
DraftKings gives the Lions slightly worse odds compared to the other two sites. They place the Lions with the eleventh best odds to win the Super Bowl, the best in the NFC north. Unlike BetMGM and Fanduel the Lions do not have the best odds for a team that did not make the playoffs, that belongs to the Jets. (Im guessing they are assuming Aaron Rodgers is a Jet by next year)
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