Best Prop Picks for Vikings vs. Packers Week One Matchup

Sports betting has become a norm for tons of people and it’s quite fun to many. In Minnesota, however, there are no books, but that doesn’t stop people from placing prop bets on players on apps such as Underdog Fantasy and Prize Picks. Today I will be going over the picks of the game, dark horse picks and a pick to stay away from

All prop bets lines are from Underdog Fantasy and Prize Picks.

Prop of the game:
Vikings: Adam Thielen over 49.5 yards on Prize Picks.

I like this line a lot because this game should be very close and down to the wire. Justin Jefferson will obviously get his share but with Jaire Alexander on him a lot of the game, look to Thielen to make tons of catches In the last 5 games vs the Packers Adam has averaged 58.8 yards a game. He is consistent and reliable and will hit this mark on Sunday.

Packers: Aaron Jones Over 50.5 rushing yards on Underdog.

I am in favor of this line for a couple reasons. From reports it seems like the packers have implemented lots of rushing into their scheme. WIth the most lacking group being the wideouts they should rely heavily on their rushing attack. Out of the gate the running should be prominent. In the last 5 games vs the Vikings Jones has averaged 96.8 yards per game. This pick is as safe as it gets

Props to stay away from:
Aaron Rodgers 34.5 passing attempts on Underdog.

I wouldn’t say this is a bad pick either way but I would stay away from this line. It is appealing at first due to Rodgers previous attempts vs the Vikings. However this is a whole new offense. With what appears to be a heavy rushing attack I wouldn’t put any money on this line.

Dark Horse Pick:
Kirk Cousins passing yards over 272.5 on Underdog.

This is a line that I will be taking on a smaller scale parlay. With a good game set to happen Cousins should be welcomed to throw the ball a ton during this game. He could hit this mark very easily considering this should be a close game with offense galore.
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