With the Loss to the Lions, the Packers Season is All But Over

In a game where Aaron Rodgers threw three interceptions, two of them being red zone interceptions, it signaled what seems to be the final straw for fans that had hoped for a mid-season turn around from the Green Bay Packers. The Packers, after Aaron Jones’s massive 20 carries for 143 yard game, decided to only give him the ball 9 times with 6 of those rushes being at halftime, and 3 coming in the second half before the ankle injury that forced him to leave the game. In what seemed to be a step forward for the Packers in their game vs the Bills, it seems that they juked us and have hit us with a side step.

The running game that has been lacking in touches all season, it’s clear to see the Packers just don’t believe in the run for some reason, and the fans could not be more mad about it. Fans have called for Jones and Dillon to touch the ball more all season, and the game against the Bills was a glimmer of hope that very quickly fizzled away against the Lions. The Packers had some really nice drives going throughout the game and only one of them turned into a touchdown, which was the 7 play 54 yard drive that ended with a Allen Lazard touchdown reception. The Packers also had a 13 play, 88 yard drive going when Rodgers threw a ball that hit a defensive player’s helmet and popped up for an interception, ending what should’ve been a Lazard touchdown on a slant.

The Packers then had a 7 play 47 yard drive going until on 4th and goal when Aiden Hutchison intercepted Rodgers on a pass to David Bakhtiari to start the 2nd quarter. Yes you read that right and no it was not a typo. On a 4th and goal with a chance to score, the Packers looked to big left tackle David Bakhtiari to score the touchdown on a ball heavily under thrown. It seems the Packers had no trust in their running backs after AJ Dillon failed to get in from 3 plays from the one, with the O-line getting little to no push and missing blocks.

A team that had some injury problems this season also had 8 injuries during the game, with 6 of the 8 not returning to the game. Let’s start with the big one, Rashan Gary. It has been announced Gary suffered a season ending ACL tear during the game and will miss the rest of the season. This one stings for Packers fans. The 12th overall pick in the 2019 draft was building off a previously impressive 2021 campaign and was playing at the level of one of the best defensive players in the world. Now, he will be sidelined for the rest of the season and potentially part of next season healing.

Aaron Jones also exited with an ankle injury but he is said to be good and is expected to play in the upcoming game vs the Cowboys. Wide receiver Christian Watson excited for the 2nd straight week with a possible concussion, and injuries in general have turned what was a promising rookie season into one where he cant stay healthy enough to be on the field.

Other standout rookie WR Romeo Doubs will also miss time after being carted to the locker room with what was announced as a high ankle sprain, which is something that has a 4-6 week recovery time.

Promising 2nd year CB Eric Stokes was out early in the game with an ankle injury, and left the game in a walking boot and crutches. Head coach Matt LaFluer has said that there is concern that Stokes injuries were severe enough to be season ending.

LB Krys Barnes was also taken out of the game for a concussion evaluation. The 2 that did return were David Bakhtiari and Jon Runyan, with Runyan sitting out one series in the 2nd half and Bakhtiari’s only 2nd half snaps coming in the final 2 minute drive.

A once promising 3-1 start to the season has turned into a dreaded 5 game slide leaving the team at 3-6 and with upcoming opponents like the Cowboys, Titans, Eagles, Rams, and Dolphins, it appears that the season will be over as quickly as it started. The Packers would need to win a majority of their upcoming games in order to have a shot at the playoffs, but that doesn’t seem to be very probable. Rodgers ran the table and told everyone to R-E-L-A-X before, but that doesn’t seem like something that’s in the cards for this Packers season that has been depressing for most fans that will look to the offseason with hope the Packers will be able to fix this mess that they have created.
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