Will Ryan Poles be Aggressive this Off-Season?

When the Bears hired now GM Ryan Poles at the beginning of the last offseason, many fans were hopeful that he would help restore what Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace ruined. Many fans didn’t anticipate that Poles was going to reshape the roster into an entirely different one, which meant making tough decisions. Poles slashed the roster, cutting or trading the old, pricey players while bringing in young, cheap players on one-year deals.

Poles knew he had to rebuild this Bears team from the ground up. Poles remained somewhat passive during the 2022 off-season; he avoided big-name players, which angered fans who wanted to get Fields weapons. As we approach the 2023 off-season, we can now see why Poles did what he did last off-season. The Bears have the most cap space in the NFL by a wide margin and have the number one overall pick in the draft.

Poles and his passive mindset helped the Bears last off-season, but this off-season, Poles will need to and likely will adopt a new aggressive attitude once free agents hit the market. The Bears must spend around 150 million in free agency to meet the league’s salary cap floor. Now that the Bears have the money and the building blocks to build a roster, it is the perfect time to add as much talent to this team as possible.

Long story short, prepared for many new Bears in 2023, Poles will likely bring in some big names and new rookies that can lead the Bears to the Superbowl. Justin Fields will soon have better weapons to work with and a defense that won’t let him down. 2023 is a very intriguing year for the Bears, they might not win the Superbowl, but they will improve significantly from this past season.
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