Why Trey Lance is a Terrible Idea

I’m writing this article before the NFL Draft which, for me, is today. One of my least favorite trade discussions that have been had for the past year or two includes one Trey Lance, and with the Draft coming around again, the rumors about Minnesota targeting him get retread once again. I’ve just never understood it. Why, out of any option, is he the ideal choice? In every regard, he is a lower-tier route for signal callers.

Has He Done Anything?
Short answer: no. In his rookie year, he didn’t blow anyone away in the six games he played in, but that’s not a big deal for a first-year guy. His second year was cut far too short this past season, with an ankle injury in week two sidelining him. It should go without saying that your second year is pivotal to your development, let alone the fact that Lance was seen as a project QB when the San Francisco 49ers drafted him. A change of scenery and playing time might help him, but his initial talent (shown at a smaller, Div 1-AA school) doesn’t land him higher than other possible candidates for quarterback-needy teams.

Is There Anyone Else?
Another short answer: yes. Going into draft night, while there are a few projected first-rounders I would hate more than Lance, the vast majority at least have a higher potential than him. The aspect that makes a possible Lance trade terrible is the likely cost. The Niners believe they can get some solidly high picks for Lance. At that point, why not just draft a quarterback, either this year or next? I just don’t understand why Minnesota should continue to empty out their already-depleted draft capital for a quarterback who doesn’t seem to have it in him. Sure, it’s funny, like the rumored Drew Lock trade a few years ago, but like that Lock rumor, it would be an atrocious plan in actuality.

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