Why to Look Out For Amon-Ra St. Brown Next Season

After watching the Pro Bowl, it is very clear that Amon-Ra St. Brown is him. I mean, the guy displayed some amazing athleticism during the season, yes, but man some of those Pro Bowl catches have to give the Lions fans a new form of excitement. Excitement that could last for a very long time in Detroit.

St. Brown started his career off impressing Lions fans by recording 90 catches for 912 yards and 5 touchdowns, which is amazing for a rookie fourth rounder. Especially on a team as malnourished as Detroit, that is very impressive. However, no one knew what he had in store for year two.

In year two St. Brown simply became a new animal putting up 106 catches for 6 touchdowns and 1,161 yards. Simply beating himself in every category. He oddly reminds me of Stefon Diggs when Diggs was with the Vikings early in his career. Their play styles are very different, yes. However, when you look at the overall growth and statistics, they are very similar. In year 1 for Diggs he had not nearly as much of an impact as St. Brown, however, the sparks were there. Diggs put up 52 catches for 720 yards and 4 touchdowns. He then, in his second season, put up 84 catches for 903 yards with three touchdowns. Now when looking at the growth, they both had very significant growth from year one to year two.

With this outstanding second year, St. Brown was able to earn his way to the Pro Bowl. A feat that was much deserved. St. Brown was selected to be featured in the Pro Bowl’s “Best Catch” competition. I feel like his performance was definitely one of the best in the Pro Bowl’s history. The guy did a double pass catch, a front flip into a pool with a catch, I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that. Even in the actual game, St. Brown had an impact, catching a touchdown from division rival Kirk Cousins, which eventually led to an NFC comeback win.

In the end, St. Brown has put up over 2,000 career receiving yards in his first two seasons and I personally do not think he is done yet. With how fast he has been getting better and performing, there is no reason why he doesn’t hit the 1,400 receiving yard mark next season. I fully expect him to get over 10 receiving touchdowns and don’t be surprised when he does.
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