Why The Packers Will Go 6-1 To Start The Season

After the Packers started off slow with a loss in Minnesota week 1, they seemed to pick things up winning their next 3. Now these next 3 wins were not pretty by any means, with the Packers beating the Bucs by a score of 14-12, Patriots by a score of 27-24, and the Bears by 27-10, but as the saying goes, a ugly win is better than a loss.

A common theme in all of these wins is the Packers starting off strong, scoring on the first offensive drive of the game, looking like they’d take control of the game, but then stalling out the rest of the game and relying on there defense.The Packers are going to need fix whatever is wrong with there offense to keep up with the top seeds of the NFL, and the upcoming schedule gives a good chance to figure out what’s wrong with the dysfunctional offense.

The Packers next 3 opponents are the Giants, Jets and the Commanders, and they aren’t looking too good. The Giants have played very mediocre opponents, winning against the Bears, Titans, and the Panthers, not to mention their quarterback is Daniel Jones, who has yet to break out after starting for 4 years.

The Jets are a little better, with wins over the Steelers and Browns, but their head coach seems to be holding them back from actually being competitive. And the Commanders are the worst out of the 3, with a bottom 20 defense according to covers.com, and Carson Wentz as their QB, which can either throw for 300 and 3 touchdowns or 150 yards and 3 interceptions.

The Packers have a great chance to change up their offense and get things going with these matchups, and I expect a lot more efficiency after these 3 games. If the Packers don’t show any improvement with their offense, they will be exposed, because after the stretch they go against the Bills, and if the Packers cant put up points they will be embarrassed in Buffalo.

These next 4 weeks will honestly be make or break for this Packers team, and if they can’t figure things out, things will be looking real grim for the Packers going further into the season.
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