Why the Packers Shouldn’t Trade Jordan Love

In the 2020 draft, the Green Bay Packers took Jordan Love and have been taking a lot of heat for it ever since. This was a big shock to the entire league seeing the Packers take another quarterback with Aaron Rodgers still playing at a high level and the Packers having other needs like wide receiver. Love has started in one game in his two year career and struggled in this game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Love went 19/34, 190 yards with one touchdown and an interception with the Packers losing thirteen to seven. This offseason though, Love has played very well and has made great progress in his development. There have been rumors that the Packers have looked at trading Love, but I believe this would be a mistake.

Trade Value
The trade value that Jordan Love would bring is not that great. If the Packers were able to get a first or second round pick, Love would not be a Packer right now. The best offer the Packers probably got was a fourth round pick and with Love being a first round pick just two years ago, it would not be a smart thing to do. His trade price will probably never go up from where it is as long as he is behind Aaron Rodgers.

The Uncertainty of Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers for the past couple seasons has contemplated retirement. Rodgers just signed a four-year extension with the Packers, but has also talked about not wanting to play into his 40’s. Rodgers will be 39 in December so who knows how much longer he will want to keep playing. Rodgers has talked about how from now on, he will go through a mental process after the season is over and see if he wants to play the next year. This is why the Packers need to keep Love around. He knows the offense and is progressing each year. Rodgers could call it quits at any point and the Packers wouldn’t have anyone to take over at quarterback if they were to trade Love.

Love’s Progression
Love has shown great improvement this offseason. Head coach Matt Lafleur and Aaron Rodgers have talked about how much he has improved and how he is starting to look comfortable in this offense. One thing that really sticks out is how he has improved while being under pressure. When Love started against the Chiefs last year, it seemed like the Chiefs were blitzing every play. He really struggled against the blitz and just never looked comfortable at all during the game. During week two of the preseason, the New Orleans Saints came to Green Bay to have a joint practice. Love showed great poise when the Saints blitzed in the two days they had practice together. This is one step forward for Love. He really showed the work he has put in and he will continue to learn from one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play.

At this point, it would be a bad idea for the Packers to trade Love. They wouldn’t have a backup for Aaron Rodgers and trading Love right now wouldn’t help the Packers this year. The Packers seem to have faith in Love and are hoping he can become the quarterback of the future.
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