Why the Packers Should and Will Trade Aaron Rodgers

With Aaron Rodgers going into a darkness retreat this week to decide if he’s going to play football or not, it seems like he’ll be leaving with only two options: retire or be traded to a new team. It’s no secret around Green Bay that Jordan Love is ready to play, and quite frankly, will most likely be the starter for the foreseeable future. The Packers don’t seem willing to let what happened between Farve and Rodgers be a repeat with Rodgers and Love. If Rodgers is going to be playing next year, it’s going to have to be for another franchise – a franchise that will have to pay the Packers heavily.

Rodgers’ trade value seems to be very high around the league still, with teams like the Jets rumored to be willing to give up 2-4 first-round picks to acquire the 4-time MVP. Hiring Hackett was a smart move for the Jets since they are actively checking in with the Packers about Rodgers, and getting one of his old coaches sure boosts their chances. The Jets are an up-and-coming team, and with a stud defense, it appears QB is the only position that has a huge hole in it. Zach Wilson has looked terrible, Mike White seems to have two good games every year, and Joe Flacco is old. Insert Rodgers, and that solves the QB problem right there. Rodgers is already very close to Wilson and can serve as a mentor for Wilson for the next few years he would be there, something he hasn’t had in his time in New York.

If the Packers are to trade Rodgers after June 1st, they will save 16 million in cap and acquire a load of draft picks from the Jets to help build around Jordan Love more. The Titans, Raiders, and Colts could be in the same boat. The Titans and Colts have valuable picks, while the Raiders may have some valuable players they could deal to Green Bay. Either way, it grows more and more likely by the days that Rodgers will end up on a new team for next year.

This is also good for Jordan Love as the Packers love to draft defensive players and have a defense that will be set for the years to come. The Packers will now be able to allocate their first-round picks to drafting a WR like USC’s Jordan Addison. While Rodgers sadly was never able to receive the first-round pick (FRP) help Love will get, the Packers were able to find many gems like Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams, to name two.

This will work out well for both sides, as the Packers will be able to start Love right away and go back to competing for a Lombardi trophy. Meanwhile, Rodgers will be able to go to a Jets team that is a QB away from making a playoff push. The hope is the relationship can come to an end on good terms for both teams.
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