Why The Bears Loss in Minnesota is Actually the Perfect Result

The Chicago Bears came dangerously close to pulling off an amazing comeback against the Vikings. In the end, they were unable to successfully seal the deal. In the final minutes, there were too many errors and bad breaks. However, there aren’t many reasons for me to be mad. In actuality, there are numerous reasons to be joyful. It all comes down to the players’ ability to see the positive aspects of the game and the potential effects it may have on their future.

Most individuals believe there are no moral wins. That’s untrue. They most certainly do. In Sunday’s game, the Bears put up a valiant fight on the road against a more skilled team. We can linger on this win or we could see how they will succeed in the future if one or two things below go their way. Not persuaded? Here are two reasons why Chicago’s defeat was actually the finest outcome possible for the future.

#1 Justin Fields
For the former first-round pick, the first four games of the season were terrible. With only two touchdowns and four interceptions, he failed to complete more than half of his throws. Since the young quarterback couldn’t demonstrate any improvement, people began to worry. He responded to that with unquestionably the 2022 season’s best performance. He completed 15 of 21 attempts for 208 yards and a touchdown. On eight carries, he added 47 yards. Another 52-yard sprint was wiped out by a questionable block-in-the-back penalty. Fields was the greatest player on the field and appeared in control for the first time.

#2 Chicago Bears Draft Position
Although losing is never enjoyable, sometimes how you lose might at least be motivating. After falling behind 21-3 in the first half, the Chicago Bears were out of the game. Then Fields’ powerful shot to Darnell Mooney changed the momentum. Chicago took the lead after scoring 19 points in a row. Sadly, they were unable to secure the victory because of a defensive breakdown and an error by Ihmir Smith-Marsette. However, this team is planning for the long run. They are not anticipated to win the Super Bowl this year. So it’s a secret blessing that Fields played well but lost. They will be one step closer to being selected higher in the 2023 draft. They should have the opportunity to add more qualified talent as a result.

Overall this was a great comeback that may have been successful if not for a few foolish decisions made in the last moments. Given the grit the squad displayed, I could support optimism of a good season. In this situation, a Nagy squad would have been thoroughly defeated. However, we have a short week and a game against the Washington Commanders that is completely winnable. Let’s keep moving forward and continue to kick teams from behind.
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Owen Draper
Owen Draper
11 months ago

The best option would be a win but considering the circumstances this was definitely the second best. Hopefully we can get top 5 draft pick.

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