Why the Bears Have to Take a Receiver in Round One of the 2023 NFL Draft

The Bears have several holes that must be filled in the next couple of years if they want to think about contending in the next few seasons. Some of these needs include offensive and defensive lines, another piece or two in the secondary, and wide receiver. It’s important that all of these needs are filled but the one that needs to be filled in round one of this coming draft is a wide receiver for many different reasons.

Justin Fields Needs as Much Help as Possible
It is no secret that Justin Fields does not have enough weapons and support around him to lead the Bears to a 10+ win season. Despite his phenomenal play over the last six weeks, it is difficult for the Bears to maintain a consistent air attack. When it comes down to playing top-tier defenses, it’s important to have a balanced offense, and not having a true wide receiver makes that task difficult. Field’s rushing attack has been unstoppable as of late and there is no doubt that getting him the best receiver possible this offseason will only make his passing attack lethal as well.

Lack of Receivers in Free Agency
You might be asking, “Why not just get a receiver in free agency?” Well, the answer to that is this year’s free agency receiving class is one of the worst it’s been in a long time. The best receivers in the upcoming free-agency receiving class are set to be Nelson Agholor, Allen Lazard, Marvin Jones, and Sterling Shephard. The Bears don’t need more wide receiver twos and threes, they already have plenty of those. The Bears are lacking a true star at wideout which is severely holding back Fields’ ability to throw the ball. Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool are solid and will be very nice weapons as the two and three guys for Fields, but they simply do not get the job done when the Bears need a consistent target.

This Draft Class is Stacked
This upcoming draft class is yet another elite one featuring guys like Jordan Addison, Jalin Hyatt, Quentin Johnson, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, and so many more extremely talented pass-catchers. The four that I mentioned will all most likely go in the top 20 and it is important that the Bears snag one of them. Pairing a star young receiver next to Fields can and will be quintessential to developing Fields and can develop some chemistry between the two that will make the Bears’ offense unstoppable.

You could be saying that the Bears can just take a receiver on day two and still get a star. This is true but when you look at receivers like Jamaar Chase, Justin Jefferson, and CeeDee Lamb who quickly turned into stars right out of college in recent years, that looks a lot better than banking on a day two receiver panning out. It is much easier to find a diamond in the rough at another position that the Bears need like offensive or defensive linemen. If the Bears can get a receiver that will make an immediate impact and can start as the primary receiver in week 1 of 2023, then that’s absolutely what the intention should be.

Take the Ravens for Example
From 2019-2021 the Ravens were the best rushing offense in the NFL and have failed to get a star receiver to come to Baltimore as a result. The Ravens’ reliance on the run game has resulted in receivers not wanting to play in Baltimore because they are unsure that they will get the usage rate they desire. The Bears could find themselves in a similar situation if they wait too long or don’t get a star wide receiver this coming offseason. And considering the receivers entering free agency this year are shockingly underwhelming, now is the time to jump on the opportunity. The Bears will have a top 7 pick this year which is uncertain in future years, so now is the best time to get a star wide receiver in Chicago and not have to worry about convincing one to come there in the future.
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