Why Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn Deserves Praise

Weeks ago many people within Lions nation were calling for Aaron Glenns’ head. The defense was on pace to be one of the worst defenses of all time. They were letting anybody score and were allowing opposing offenses to do whatever they wanted. The schemes were bad, they couldn’t cover anything and the run defense was some of the worst I have seen in my life, giving big performances to every running back they faced.

The tides have turned in the past few weeks with the Lions tallying three straight wins. The most impressive certainly being a road win vs the 7-2 New York Giants. Aaron Glenn’s defense held Saquon Barkley to an impressive 1.5 yards per carry. The Giants were able to move the ball through the air but the defense stepped up in some big ways, forcing Daniel Jones to throw two key picks and helping the Lions win the game. Aaron Glenn has put his defense in great positions to win football games, the offense is good enough to win games but the rest of the season will depend on if the defense can get stops and put the offense back on the field.

Aaron Glenn made an Aaron Rodgers-led offense look like a middle school offense with a few key starters out. This week will be the defenses biggest test of the season as they take on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. It will be interesting to see how they defend Allen. The last time they played a running quarterback it did not go well ( Justin Fields) it will also need to be a big game out of the secondary who has to face Stefon Diggs and company. It is gonna be a big test for Glenn and the defense for sure.

Glenn has impressed me more and more every week and I am super excited to see where he takes this young defense the rest of the year
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