Why Lewis Cine Will Not Be a Bust

Selected with the 32nd overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings out of the University of Georgia, safety Lewis Cine has had a remarkable beginning to his professional career, demonstrating to the world that he is destined for greatness. A deeper dive into his football abilities and life as a whole strongly support the notion that Cine will have a future filled with Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections.

What Makes a Good Player:
The very basis for being able to maintain a strong, lengthy NFL career begins with healthiness and availability. Cine has not only demonstrated such an ability professionally, but also throughout his experience in sports. In high school, he conditioned his body in order to be able to perform multiple sports, track and football, at a very high level. His greatness on the field even earned him the opportunity to play under Deion Sanders before the age of 18. Following high school, his durability remained just as consistent, as he played in each of his 39 games for the Georgia Bulldogs.

The 22-year-olds capabilities extend far beyond simply being able to participate when called upon. Not only has he played among the best college football players in the nation, but he also shines bright among them. National champion head coach Kirby Smart notes that “he has extremely good speed, he has extremely good toughness, has good ball skills, good size.” His unique athleticism will allow him to excel even among NFL talent.

The Mental Game:
Lastly, and most importantly, what provides Cine with an advantage among all young athletes around the world is his mentality. The key to becoming a high-level professional is one’s mindset. A desire to improve, as well as being open-minded, committed, and mature are all necessary for those intending to earn remarkable accolades and win championships. Cine is a perfect example of such an attitude. To UG coaches, the Vikings training staff, and in an interview with five-time All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, Cine has reiterated his desire to build relationships with each and every person around him. His composure, respect for others, and methodical financial plans for the future all demonstrate that football is far more than a game; it is his lifestyle. Furthermore, the safety’s excellent mentality has spread throughout the Vikings locker room. Head coach Kevin O’Connell raves about Cine’s leadership thus far in training camp. His sense of positivity and relentless need to become the best are clearly visible, and utterly spectacular.

Though selected late in the first round, Cine has one of the greatest chances among all young NFL players to become truly generational. His care for his body, incredible athletic prowess, and intense drive will lead him towards a legendary career.
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Raushi Hughes
Raushi Hughes
1 year ago

I see where you’re coming from on this, but isn’t everything said here applicable for almost every player in the NFL. I could say most of this about my new Bears safety Jaquan Brisker!

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