Why Justin Fields Will Quickly Emerge as a Franchise Quarterback

In this offseason, there seem to be 3 camps on the view of Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields: One believing that he is not anything but a bust, another believing that he will be killed by a mediocre supporting cast on the Bears, or the third that believes that Justin will shine and breakout. Today, we’re going over the reasons why Justin Fields will quickly show that he is the franchise QB that the Bears know he is.

The first reason to believe in the former Ohio State QB is the fact that he is in a more QB friendly system that will play more to his strengths than “offensive guru” Matt Nagy’s ever did. Throughout preseason, we’ve been able to see how Luke Getsy’s system looks and how it incorporates all the things that work for this team, smart passing, a strong rushing game, and good boot plays for Fields to show his legs off. These are all things that we urged Nagy to use last season. Improvement in play calling from last year is just around the corner, Bear Fans.

Another reason to think that Fields will breakout is because he got better in every game he played in last year and preseason game this year. The thing about Justin is that he has been improving more and more in every outing. Over the final preseason game, he had a final stat line of 14-16 passing, 156 yards, 3 Touchdowns, and 0 Interceptions. This makes me very optimistic for his upcoming season.
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