Who Will Be The Detroit Lions Starting Quarterback In 2023?

Through the first seven games of the season this year it was almost without doubt that Jared Goff would not be the starter in 2023. The Lions started the season how you would expect the Lions to start 1-6, and everything from the starting quarterback to the head coach was being questioned. In this seven game span Goff put up decent stats 1904 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions. But the stats do not matter in the NFL if you can not win games and the truth was that Goff could not win games. But in a miraculous way Dan Campbell pulled his team together and ended the season 9-8, and just missed a playoff seeding. Goff ended the season with 4,438 yards, 29 touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions. Because of Goffs heroic run, the speculations and questioning of who will be the starting quarterback in 2023 are only becoming more vivid and confusing.

The Lions could direct this in multiple directions this offseason. They could look for an immediate replacement or a possible replacement in the near future through the draft. Free agency should consist of some big name players that would be looking for a team with a bright future to play for like the Lions. Finally there is always the easy way, keeping Goff as the starter for 2023.

Remain Content With Jared Goff
The Lions sticking with Jared Goff seems to be the most likely decision the front office will settle with this offseason. The General Manager for the Detroit Lions has already made out a definitive statement that he expects Jared Goff to remain the starting quarterback for the 2023 season. Although Jared Goff’s career record with the Detroit Lions is only 12-18-1 it seems that the Lions are only getting better, and he was able to lead the Lions to their first winning season since 2017.

Jared Goff was able to lead the Detroit Lions to the sixth ranked passing offense, and fourth in total touchdowns. This is a much different range from last year. Last season the Lions had the eighteenth ranked offense, and ranked twenty fifth in total touchdowns. So the obvious jump from last year to this year is gonna be significant in the off season talks about who will be the quarterback in 2023.

Possible Draft Targets
Unlike last year this year’s draft class has a lot of quarterback depth, and the Lions are a front runner to take advantage of this and look for their future leader. With the abundance of draft capitol the Lion’s have obtained they could either look to trade up in the draft class, or look to trade down and draft a quarterback on day two of the draft. If the Lions were to draft one of the big prospects this year in CJ Stroud or Bryce Young they would most likely have to trade up in the draft.

Kentucky quarterback Will Levis also has to be in consideration. His draft stock has only gone up since the beginning of the college football season, he also has experience in a pro like college offense in Kentucky. Levis is made up of all the necessary tools you would need to be a successful NFL quarterback. His outstanding arm is one of his standout traits along with his accuracy from short to medium routes throughout the field. His unorthodox movement in the pocket is where scouts and analysts seem to be discouraged about his possible potential in the NFL.

There also has to be an appraisal for Florida’s quarterback Anthony Richardson. He is only 21 years old which is becoming more and more rare since COVID and the extra years of eligibility. Anthony Richardson is an all around athlete being able to scramble out of pressure, and make throws outside of the numbers when needed. This style of play should fit the Lion’s scheme very well and he could make very large strides in his early career in Detroit.

Free Agency
Free agency this year has a lot of potential since there are some big name players, and very versatile quarterbacks.

Lamar Jackson had been one of the most talked about quarterbacks this year. His constant controversy with the Baltimore Ravens about his contract negotiations has been making noise in the NFL since the preseason. If a possible extension were to fall through between the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson the Lions could be a potential front runner for signing Lamar during the offseason. One of the biggest problems that would arise in this situation is their cap space. The contract between the Lions and Lamar would be for about a $250 million dollar contract, this could really put the Lions in a tough spot cap wise. Which is why a deal like this has a low chance of happening.

Other free agents that could be possible suitors for the quarterback position in 2023 would be Jimmy Garoppolo, Teddy Bridgewater, Daniel Jones, Jacoby Brisset, and Geno Smith. Now as unlikely as this is, the option should not be written off since the Lion’s will try their hardest to find the best fit and give them the best chance of making the playoffs.
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