Where is Robert Tonyan?

The Green Bay Packers 2022 season has been filled with disappointments and problems of every variety. But there is one player that has been missing in action since the season started. TE Robert Tonyan. For an offense that has needed all the help it can get he sure has not provided any semblance of a boost for the team.

For those that may not remember, Robert Tonyan suffered a torn ACL midway through last season. Prior to that Tonyan had recorded 18 catches for 204 yards and 2 touchdowns. The year before this in 2020 Tonyan managed 52 catches for 586 yards and a whopping 11 touchdowns, putting up his best grading and stats in his career. But enter 2022 and we have a problem.

Tonyan managed to work his way back from the ACL fast, in time to start the Packers week one game against the Vikings. His first game back Tonyan recorded 3 catches for 36 years, a modest but understandable statline in his first action since October of 2021. But we have not really seen him improve on this a whole lot since then. Tonyan has only three games out of eleven where he has recorded 5 or more catches. In this same span he has one, ONE game where he has 50 plus receiving yards and in addition Tonyan has scored 1 TD all year. This is really bad given the fact that this offense has been atrocious all year and has been in desperate need of a difference maker.

Given how little of an impact Robert Tonyan has made for this team this year it would be a major shock to me if the Packers choose to re-sign him after this year. Unless Tonyan starts to step up and work the seam like he has done in years past this offense will continue to sputter if it continues to just rely on him running routes to the flat as a third or fourth read. With this offense missing a major piece to it in the TE position, look for the Packers to upgrade in the draft following this season. Against this is unless Robert Tonyan steps up in the last six games of the season, maybe even being a big part of us running the table? One can only hope for this outcome.
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