When Will the Packers End Their Losing Streak?

The Green Bay Packers lose once again and continue this losing streak. They have now lost five games in a row and their most recent loss was against the Detroit Lions. This was a game where many thought the Packers could get back on track. Now they have a long road ahead of them if they want to make something of this season.

Against the Lions, the Packers once again beat themselves. The Packers on their first two drives got down to the goal line and blew both of those opportunities. Aaron Rodgers threw two picks on both of those trips and really hurt the momentum of this game. Rodgers threw three picks for the entire game and had one of his worst games of his career. His first pick was a low throw that hit a defender in the helmet and popped up into the air. The second one was an underthrow on a trick play to David Bakhtiari and was caught by rookie defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson. His third interception was him forcing a throw into coverage. This game was very uncharacteristic of Rodgers. The amount of interceptions he threw in this game was the same amount that he threw in an entire season. He has thrown seven interceptions already this season. This has really been a rough season so far for the back-to-back MVP. Rodgers is someone I am not worried about. People asking for Jordan Love to come in have no idea what they are talking about. Love showed his ability against the Kansas City Chiefs last year and in the preseason this year against backups. He is nowhere near Rodger’s level. The only person that can save this team is Rodgers. You won’t see Love this season unless Rodgers is hurt or it is week 18 and the Packers are eliminated from playoff contention. I believe Rodgers will turn it around and get back to being the Aaron Rodgers we all know and love.This team has other problems though.

Another problem is in the trenches on both sides of the ball. On the defensive side, they can’t stop the run. Teams are able to run all over this defense and the Packers are showing little to no resistance to it. On the offensive end, any Packers player that wasn’t Aaron Rodgers struggled to run the ball. The offensive line wasn’t able to get much push up front against the Lions defensive line. This is something both sides of the ball have to fix. The defense has struggled all season to stop the run and are still looking for answers. With the offense, I’m not too worried about them being able to run the ball. This is the first game in a while where they haven’t had success running.

Green Bay will host the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday and this game is a must win. The Packers season is on the line and they must play well in order to beat the Cowboys. If they can fix some things up front on both sides of the ball, stop beating themselves, and get Aaron Rodgers playing like Aaron Rodgers again, this losing streak could end this Sunday.
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