What’s Next For The Packers

This is a year that most Packer fans are not used to. Most of us fans have been spoiled with how good the Packers have been. We have had two hall of fame quarterbacks in the past 30 years who are arguably both top 10 quarterbacks of all time. In those 30 years, Green Bay has been the division champion of the NFC North 15 times and made it to the playoffs 22 times. They have been very good for a long time and it’s hard for most Packer fans to believe that their team could struggle. That doesn’t mean they can’t come out of this rut and start playing like the Green Bay Packers we all know and love.

This team has not played to the Green Bay standard these past four games. This team has been struggling and looked like they needed some help. Many believed that Green Bay’s front office would finally make a move for a wide receiver before the trade deadline. They tried as they contacted many teams about receivers including the Pittsburgh Steelers and offered a second round pick for Chase Claypool. The Chicago Bears decided to swoop in and offer a second round pick as well. The Steelers took Chicago’s offer thinking that the Bears will end up with a worse record than Green Bay. Many Packer fans have heard this the past few seasons. They are always in the conversation for getting a receiver, but nothing ever happens. The Packers are stuck with the receivers they have unless they pick up someone in free agency.

Even though they are struggling, this team could find a way to turn this season around. The biggest issue right now is getting healthy. David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins are always going to be question marks, but getting guys like Christian Watson, Randall Cobb, and De’Vondre Campbell back are very important. Aaron Rodgers has said it multiple times before as well, but cleaning up the mental errors is another big priority. There are times where it looks like guys are running the wrong route, offensive lineman are letting pass rushers through untouched, and the defense is having too many blown coverages. In most of Green Bay’s games, they are really just beating themselves.

Even though Green Bay is 3-5, they are only one game behind the seven seed. The NFC has really struggled this year, which is really saving the Packers season right now. The Packers have gone through the easier part of their schedule, but I still like their chances in most of their games remaining. The Packers next game is on the road against the Detroit Lions. This is a game that can hopefully get the Packers back on track and maybe give the offense some momentum. Detroit’s defense is one of the worst in the league and could give the Green Bay’s offense a chance to figure some things out. This might be the Packers biggest game this year. This could give them some confidence moving forward. “If we can just get one, then the whole momentum changes,” Rodgers said following the loss to the Buffalo Bills. If the Packers can finally end this losing streak this weekend, who knows what type of run they could go on. Rodgers has done it before, so why can’t he do it again.
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