What’s Next for Jordan Love?

Jordan Love was drafted 26th overall by the Green Bay Packers in the 2020 NFL draft. There were three other quarterbacks taken in the first round of this draft. Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert were all taken before Love and all of them have become starters. All three of these players are looking like they could be quarterbacks for their team for a long time. Jordan Love is the only question mark out of these four quarterbacks. He has started one game since he has been drafted and it doesn’t even look like the Packers know when he will play.

As soon as Jordan Love was drafted, he was already getting unreasonable comparisons. Love has been getting compared to Aaron Rodgers his entire career so far. It is unfair to compare someone to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever live. Love has shown ability in the preseason games he has played in. Some people have already written him off even though he has only started one game. Love hasn’t had a fair chance to prove himself and with how the situation is playing out in Green Bay, he may never get an opportunity. If he does, it may not be in Green Bay.

Many people have thought that since the Packers haven’t moved on from Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love isn’t the quarterback of the future. That isn’t the case. You don’t know what you have in someone until they play in games that matter. Love needs a fair chance to show what he has. Another issue with this is that the Packers aren’t going to move on from a back-to-back MVP. Jordan Love is most likely not going to be on Aaron Rodgers level. But who is? There are very few that are able to play at a level like Rodgers.

There have also been a lot of Green Bay fans that are wanting the Packers to bench Rodgers for the rest of the season and start Love. While it would be nice to see what they have in Love and give Rodgers rest to heal up his thumb, that is not going to happen. Until the Packers are officially eliminated from the playoffs, Rodgers will remain the starter. That’s how it should be. The NFC has been really bad this year, which gives the Packers a chance to make the playoffs as a wild card team. Sitting Rodgers just wouldn’t be the right thing to do. That is just giving up on the season way too soon.

Jordan Love’s playing time depends on when Aaron Rodgers decides to retire. Rodgers has said that he will decide each offseason whether he will play or not that season. He has no timetable on when he will retire and this is kind of a problem for Green Bay. It would be nice for the front office to know when he is thinking about retiring, because then they would know if they should move on from Jordan Love or not. If Rodgers doesn’t retire after this season and the Packers pick up his fifth year option, he should consider asking for a trade. If he thinks he is ready to be a starter, this is something he should think about. There are plenty of teams that could use a quarterback and Love is someone that teams might be willing to take a chance on. This will be a big offseason for Love and the Packers. If Rodgers decides to come back next season, the Packers will have to make a big decision with Jordan Love.
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