What’s Already Been Said Continues to Haunt the Minnesota Vikings in Week 17 Blowout

It’s really tough trying to find things to mention that are at least neutral in tone, but it’s another trademark dumpster-fire loss for Minnesota. The Vikings lose to the Green Bay Packers, 41-17. Minnesota collapses to 12-4, while Green Bay climbs to 8-8. This was a golden opportunity to crush this team’s biggest rivals’ playoff hopes, but instead they got absolutely walloped.

Offense is first, and I miss Garrett Bradbury. Never thought I’d say that. Brian O’Neil had to get carted off the field, which is a massive blow if that injury is as serious as it seems. Kirk Cousins couldn’t catch a break, but also didn’t play well enough to beat the bad luck. Three interceptions will do that, but really only one was his fault. I hope and pray that the media doesn’t witch hunt him, but that’s stupid: they’ve badgered him for better performances. Kirk was also our leading rusher with 33 yards. Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen only caught a single pass each. Our leading receiver was Jalen Nailor in garbage time (who did look nice in the time he had) with 89 yards and there wasn’t another Vikings receiver within 30 yards of his total. This was bad, obviously, but it’s a good time now to actually make the adjustments necessary for the playoffs.

Defense is next, and they weren’t really even given a chance. It was 21-3 before they had to really face the Packers’ offense, but like the rest of this team, they fell apart eventually. One sack, no interceptions, a few passes defended as a unit. They were making plays early on, but the game was lost before they had a stab at it. Really nothing much to say.

Special teams was abhorrent today, the worst it’s been all season. Green Bay got a kickoff return touchdown immediately, and Greg Joseph relapsed back to his midseason form of being afraid of the uprights. Ryan Wright only punted twice today, so there wasn’t a way for him to really bounce back from last week. This game was a slap in the face that this team absolutely needed, and hopefully THIS week is the week where the coaching staff pulls it together.
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