What Would a Jordan Love Trade Look Like?

The Green Bay Packers are in a unique position. They just gave a massive extension to franchise QB Aaron Rodgers. They are also going to be picking up the 5th year option for 2020 first round pick Jordan Love. But with only two years remaining on Love’s rookie deal the Packers need to either move on from Rodgers or Love. I will preface this by saying that I do not believe the Packers will move on from Jordan Love, nor should they. That being said the prevailing rumor is if the Packers keep Rodgers for another year Love will ask to be traded. This article is gonna break down the top three destinations for Jordan Love and what their trade compensation may be for him.

Number 3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
To me the Buccaneers are the third most likely team to try to target Jordan Love. Tom Brady is a free agent next year, the team will have a middle first round pick, maybe in the twenties if they somehow win their division. But above all this, that team is built to win now. Kyle Trask and Blaine Gabbert are not the high upside QB’s that can work with a roster like that. But maybe Love is. He’ll enter a team with a good defense, phenomenal playmakers, and when healthy a good offensive line. With the Buccaneers being a contender against the Packers I rank this as the least likely of the top three options.

Compensation: 2023 1st round pick and 2024 4th round pick

Number 2: New York Giants
The New York Giants under Brian Daboll have seen a resurgence as a team. They are solidly in the mix for the playoffs with a middling QB in Daniel Jones, who they will probably franchise tag at the end of the year. But you know what QB would fit that Brian Daboll offense very well? Strong armed, mobile QB Jordan Love. The Giants have a lot of holes they still need to fill in on this roster, but obtaining a potential star QB could help mitigate these problems, especially for a team that needs to further its roster if it wants to continue this year’s success into the future.

Compensation: 2023 1st round pick, 2023 5th round pick, Slot Darnay Holmes

Number 1: Indianapolis Colts
This is easily the number one landing spot for Jordan Love in my opinion. Not only because the Colts still desperately need a QB. Also not just because they may not have a high enough 1st round pick to land one of the top guys in this draft. But my main reasoning? In 2020 this front office was heavily linked to Jordan Love in the draft. Pressure from them is what presumably caused Green Bay to trade up for Love to begin with. Also Jim Irsay rather desperately appears to want to make big splashes as publicity for the team. With new coaching staff presumably on the way for this team there is no way to know what scheme they will have for Love, but I firmly believe they will target someone that would be able to work with Love. The Colts have a steadily improving offensive line and decent playmakers. Plugging a high upside young guy in with that group is a recipe for success, especially in a division that appears to be on the up and up.

Compensation: 2023 1st round pick, 2024 3rd round pick, TE Kylen Granson

Not for one second do I believe moving on from Jordan Love is the right decision. That being said it is always fun to speculate on where players could go and what you may get in return for them. These are my three main teams I believe could target Love if he does in fact demand a trade from the Green Bay Packers, though I suspect there would be several other teams as well.
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