What to make of this Packers team heading into Week 8

The Green Bay Packers have been nothing but a disappointment 7 weeks into the season. The Packers have been making way too many mistakes, blaming each other, and at the same time saying that they are not panicking. That is all fine and dandy, but we are 7 weeks into the season, they are on a 3-game skid, and have shown no improvements and if anything, have shown they have gotten worse over the season. It is literally do or die time for the Packers to save their season. Packers’ fans have the right to be upset. Right now, this Packers team is not making the playoffs because of the players and the coaches. Packers fans probably have been thinking that the team is going to get it figured out but that thought is slowly going away and fans are becoming angrier. Fans are wanting to blame quarterback Aaron Rodgers, head coach Matt LaFleur, and general manager Brian Gutekunst. The fans are 2/3 right. They should have absolutely no trust in Rodgers or LaFleur in righting the ship. We have all been hearing how these issues need to be fixed for the whole season thus far with no improvements. Instead of LaFleur sitting at the podium 5 out of the 7 days a week stating they need to improve and get these problems fixed he should instead go up there and explain why these issues are still occurring and what their process is of attempting to fix them and why they think it is not working. Gutekunst though should NOT be blamed. Yes, you read that right. Sure, Gutekunst has made some questionable decisions but at least he is out there doing his job looking to upgrade the team.

The trade deadline is next Tuesday, November 1st. It has been rumored that the Packers are interested in receiver and pass rushing help. Some names that have been floating around the Packers all week include Arizona Cardinals Receiver AJ Green, Carolina Panthers receiver DJ Moore (which talks sound pretty serious, but a big issue is what teams pay what of his salary), and Brandin Cooks receiver for the Houston Texans. Here is the big issue that is at hand. This one receiver is going to fix everything. That is simply not true. Would it help yes, but it’s just creating false hope with everything else that is going on. So why give away assets to acquire someone when the team is only getting older and may not even make the playoffs? I know Packers fans will be mad if Gutekunst does not make a move because he is not considered aggressive in not improving the team. That idea is just wrong too. Like stated earlier, Gutekunst has made some questionable decisions, but he has been aggressive. Examples include signing Za’darius Smith, Preston Smith, Adrian Amos, and Billy Turner. Then he had a trade put together in the draft to move up and draft wide receiver Justin Jefferson but that fell through because the Vikings jumped ahead of them. Then last season he tried to sign Odell Beckham Jr, but Beckham decided to go to the Los Angeles Rams. So, it isn’t like Gutekunst is not trying its just sometimes the cap situation does work out and that is just part of the reality of being a small market team with no true owner. For everyone that thinks that Gutekunst is horrible at his job, league executives took a vote at the beginning of the season and voted the Packers as the best roster in the NFC. What does that tell you? We all have to remember Gutekunst’s job is to do what is best for the future of the organization.

Not go ballistic and become desperate to try to win causing hardship on the franchise in the future. Let me explain, as stated multiple times this Packers team right now is not making the playoffs if they do not improve. So Gutekunst needs to make a decision now on if the window to win a Super Bowl is closed or the window is slightly open, and this is their last chance. If Gutekunst decides the window is closed, he should be selling now, gaining draft picks to do a small rebuild and build around quarterback Jordan Love and planning on him becoming the guy. If Gutekunst decides the window is slightly open, then he should make a move, but he must make sure that they are going to get into the playoffs because if they do not then it will turn into a big uh oh. It will turn into a big uh oh because the Packers will then have gone all in for the last three years. Yes, I know you’re thinking no they have not the Rams and 49ers have. Well teams have their own ways of going all in like the Rams and 49ers trading or signing players. The Packers way of going all in is bringing the band back together and improving depth. I know it’s not exciting, so it isn’t considered to fans going all in. Well either way if they go all in and fail the Packers are going to be bad for some time due to not having valuable assets, having to pay guys who are either retired or do not play for them anymore. It will just be bad situation all around causing the Packers to be bad for multiple years. So Gutekunst has a big decision to make if he goes all in and fails good luck to us Packer fans watching this team for some time, if he goes all in and it works that’ll be good but at the same time we will be bad for a little while, but if he sells while this team is down and not looking good then so be it but it will be for the better of this franchise. Although it seems Gutekunst believes this team can still do it with the rumors circulating around the league. So, for all you fans that are mad at the team and disappointed this is not on Gutekunst for the team struggling but it’s on the players and the coaches not executing and not coaching well. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next week seeing what Gutekunst decides if anything and if Rodgers and LaFleur can regain some trust and right the ship starting this weekend in Buffalo on Sunday Night Football.
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